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How to communicate with your remote workforce using Salesforce Employee Communities

April 30, 2020By
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Complete Guide to Salesforce Employee Communities for a Distributed Workforce

This new reality we’ve been forced into has highlighted the importance of timely and engaging communication to employees. While there are hundreds of platforms out there for internal communication and collaboration, we’re going to walk you through why Salesforce Employee Communities may be the best solution for your distributed workforce communication woes.

Today’s communications challenges

For employers

  • Many businesses have low employee engagement on company communications due to lack of interactivity (such as video, live updates etc).
  • A distributed workforce means workplace culture and employee motivation is difficult to monitor and cultivate.
  • Increased online noise from multiple communication tools and platforms is causing important company updates to be missed.

For employees

Though The State of Remote Report (below) was published prior to this recent pandemic, there’s still much we can learn from employees that have been working remotely for years:

  • Feelings of isolation and being “shut out” because there are too many places to look for information, or there is no information anywhere.
  • Difficulty collaborating and communicating effectively with colleagues.
  • Trying to find meeting times when everyone is free, creating frustration and wasting time.
  • Being overwhelmed by different “types” of communication coming from different channels.

How can Salesforce Employee Communities help?

What is Salesforce Employee Community?

Salesforce Communities are a great way to share information and collaborate with people who are key to your business processes, such as customers, partners or employees. Within Salesforce Communities, there are three subcategories: Employee Community, Customer Community and Partner Community.

A Salesforce Employee Community essentially gives you the ability to architect a digital experience for your employees to better connect, collaborate and communicate. Having the ability to determine the look and feel, but also the functionality to be customized, is a huge benefit. It simplifies the process of sharing important information with your team and stores information such as training materials, process guidelines, how-to documents, safety instructions, etc.

Why Salesforce Employee Community?

Nurture remote company culture

Safeguarding company culture is more important (and more challenging) than ever before. Employee communities provide meaningful, real-time information to connect employees to the mission and company goals. The collaboration functionality promotes teamwork, goal-setting and progress tracking to provide a visual representations of what your team is accomplishing. This can be a powerful motivation tool, especially when working with a remote workforce.

Real-time access to information

Whether employees are on their laptops, tablets or mobile devices, they have access to information with engaging content such as video and live updates. Employee communities also allows for real-time communication with a forum for questions and answers — eliminating the need for face-to-face interaction.

Single source of truth

When communications are spread across various platforms, employees end up wasting time searching for what they need and often miss important updates. By integrating all communications into a single employee community, you can improve efficiency and avoid employee frustration and miscommunications. You also have the ability to create multiple communities to target and group the most relevant employees in one place for faster and more accurate responses.

Flexible and scalable platform

Like all Salesforce platforms, employee communities are highly customizable and scalable. You won’t outgrow the platform; it grows alongside you. Being on the Salesforce platform also means you can connect third party apps to your employee community for a fully flexible way of working.

How Does Traction on Demand Use Salesforce Communities?

Candidate Community

At Traction on Demand, we began using Communities as a candidate community to engage our applicants. This portal is especially helpful now that we operate with a 100% remote workforce. Our candidate community provides:

  • Easy access to company info for candidates to find out what contributes to our unique workplace culture.
  • A chance to liaise with other candidates about the interview process and share tips, ideas and questions.
  • An opportunity to reach out to Tractionites to ask current employees about what it’s really like to work at Traction on Demand.

Traction Enable

We continued our evolution using Communities to better connect with our customers during remote project implementations. This customer community is called Traction Enable and provides:

  • A place for us to collaborate with customers on project status, requirements, cases, action items, risks/issues, decisions and other project artifacts to ensure the combined team is always aligned.
  • Access to our experts, reusable IP, learning and enablement services and tools so customers can build and run a best in class team taking full advantage of the platform.

Traction Gather

Finally, our latest Salesforce Communities innovation is a platform called Traction Gather. At a time when it’s not possible to gather in person, the need to connect is more important than ever. Traction Gather supports businesses and organizations move their events online, at a fraction of the cost of in-person events.

Traction Gather leverages Salesforce Communities as an online event platform and allows users to:

  • Host memorable events for internal or external audiences, such as team-building experiences, year-end celebrations, fundraising galas or alumni events.
  • Integrate any preferred video conferencing software to host live tables, entertainment, keynote speakers and more.
  • Engage with your audience through interactive content, virtual tables, online auctions and Salesforce Chatter functionality.

Next Steps

Salesforce Employee Communities is a highly customizable and scalable platform and is a great way to share information and collaborate with your team. There are many employee communication tools out there today, it’s best to carefully consider all your options to ensure you implement a solution that best meets your business needs.

Talk to one of our Community Cloud experts to see if an Employee Community is the right option for you.

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If you’re a company that’s new to remote work; or has only had a partial team that was distributed, and you want to better connect with your employee base, we would love to show you the power of the Salesforce Community.