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Salesforce AppExchange: Our 6 favorite free apps

June 12, 2020By
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Today I wanted to share the apps we believe are the must-haves for every single Salesforce instance. All of these apps are free, and predominantly from Salesforce Labs (and one from Brightgen). They all work in Lightning and are easy to install and configure.

So, what’s stopping you? Each app is detailed below and you can check them out on the Salesforce AppExchange and grab them today. We get a bit more into the nitty-gritty on the Livestream so check out the replay if you want to go deeper.

1. Address picker autocomplete for flow

Watch the full demonstration video here.

Every Salesforce Instance needs clean address data. There are some paid apps that validate addresses and also return additional information. This is a great alternative or starter to use to ensure you have consistent address formats and values in your address fields.

Key points:

  • Google address autocomplete available in your flows
  • Typeahead function using Google Places returns suggestions as you type and populates all relevant fields to make use of however you'd like in your flow
  • Add it to your screen as a lightning component and utilize the output attributes
  • Grab individual parts of the address or use the full address string provided
  • Customizable to show/hide the map and/or editable address fields using the standard lightning:map tag (no API key necessary)

2. orgLimits

Watch the full demonstration video here.

Do you know what your Org Limits are? Do you monitor the usage? Do you know if you are approaching a limit? Have you installed orgLimits because you should do it now!

Key points:

  • Monitoring tool, single source of truth for tracking and provides a snapshot of usage for all limits
  • Great for Admins responsible for maintaining the org
  • Handy Lightning Component to show Org Wide Limits.
  • Get org-wide usage/limit using System.OrgLimits.getMap() then show them with progress bar.
  • Place orgLimits components wherever you like

3. Flow email composer

Picture this - you have a flow setup, part of the flow is using an email template but you need to personalize the email and you really don’t want to do this separately as that is inefficient and takes you away from your automation. What’s the answer? Flow Email Composer from Salesforce Labs.

Key Points:

  • A lightning component that provides the ability to select an email template and prepare a draft version of the email with merge field values.
  • Compose emails on the go without selecting the email template
  • More user friendly than the standard email template
  • Upload attachments which will be saved in Files
  • Pre-populate the email composer with To, CC, Bcc, Subject
  • Prepare a draft version of the email being sent based on the selected template

4. Fast opportunity products

Adding products to opportunities can be tedious and, sometimes, frustrating. What if you could add them easily (some would say quickly) from the Opportunity page? Guess what - there is an app for that and you can get it now!

Key Points:

  • This is a simple component that enhances the standard UI and UX for adding products into opportunities on Lightning Experience.
  • Easily view existing products on opportunities, edit products line items, and dynamically add new line items
  • Choose and edit the price book for opportunities and dynamically search and add products
  • Much easier/fewer clicks to add products into opportunities

5. Signature capture

There are times when you need a signature to be captured on a record in Salesforce but don’t have the budget for an e-sig app. If this is you then this may be the app you have been looking for.

Key Points

  • Signature Capture is a Lightning Component free app from BrightGen
  • Capture signatures from the browser or mobile device
  • Save as Salesforce attachments or files
  • Record the signature against any object that supports attachments or files
  • Pure HTML5 - no additional libraries or browser add ons

6. CMTD Enhanced Related List

This one might sound a bit strange but it does pack a punch and you will find so many uses for it.

Key Points:

  • CMTD Enhanced Related List is a “Custom Metadata Type Driven” Lightning
  • Component that provides enhanced features to display related list records in Lightning App
  • Declutter records and remove unwanted data
  • Group related records using this configurable component
  • Install and use - no coding or dev’s required
  • Supports enhanced functionalities such as configurable Filter, Sort, displayable fields, and look and feel to support your business needs
  • “Enhanced Related List” controls the list of fields that need to be displayed for each component.
  • Utilizes a drag and drop approach for the component in the App Builder
    Use your creativity of the available display type to suit your design

So there you have it. Six totally free and well-supported apps that you should be using in your Salesforce instance today! Go and try them and let us know what you think by dropping us a line here.

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