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Salesforce and Slack integration: Why Salesforce acquired Slack and what it means for you

July 21, 2021By
Salesforce and Slack integration: Why Salesforce acquired Slack and what it means for you

Salesforce and Slack integration: Why Salesforce acquired Slack and what it means for you.

Salesforce officially announced the completion of their acquisition of Slack. The massive deal, which is Salesforce’s largest acquisition to date will combine the world’s #1 CRM platform with Slack, the most innovative enterprise communications platform, creating the operating system for the new way to work.

So why did Salesforce acquire Slack and what does it mean for you? More importantly, how can you benefit from Salesforce and Slack integrations?

Why Salesforce and Slack? Introducing the Slack-first Customer 360

If you’re already familiar with Slack, you’ll be well aware of the immense collaborative power of the tool, combine this with Salesforce’s industry-leading Customer 360 platform, and you’ll see why they’re calling it the “new way to work”. Each tool has its own strengths, that when combined create a powerful, cohesive workflow.

Now it’s easier than ever to connect customers, employees, and partners with the conversations, apps, and data that power digital workflows for an all-new way to workSalesforce

Salesforce is breaking this new Slack-first Customer 360 into four core areas, Sales, Service, IT/Development, and Workplaces:

  • Sales: Slack and Salesforce will allow you to bring your people, data, process, and customer together on a single platform, to communicate, collaborate, and close deals faster.According to a recent Forrester study, Sales teams that use Slack close deals faster, and on average, make $2.6M more.
  • Service: This one is all about putting the right tools into your service team's hands, ultimately breaking down silos, resolving issues faster, and building better relationships with your customers. With Salesforce and Slack, you’ll be able to share customer information across teams, message internal experts without leaving your ticketing tool, and give customers personalized, live help in a dedicated Slack channel.
  • IT/Development: Naturally, as an app development firm ourselves, this is where we get really excited. The coming together of Slack and Salesforce means it’s easier than ever for organizations to build their Slack apps for Salesforce. Want to know how? Check out our blog here.
  • Workplaces: This one’s a no-brainer: connected teams are happy teams. For today’s modern workplaces, Slack opens up a whole new level of employee engagement. From project collaboration, to employee onboarding, social groups, and everything in between, Slack and Salesforce give your people a more intuitive, engaging, and productive way to work.

Salesforce and Slack integration: current use cases

Naturally, the Slack acquisition unlocks many capabilities and integrations for Salesforce and Slack users. As a company (and Salesforce implementation partner), we’ve been using both Salesforce and Slack for many years. During that time, our team’s been busy building dozens of Salesforce and Slack integrations, apps, and use cases. Some of our favourites are outlined below:

Send Slack notifications from Salesforce

Sending Salesforce notifications in Slack for things like closed won opportunities in public channels, case updates in private channels, and shout-outs from badges getting awarded to employees. This is an easy way to keep our teams updated, excited, and collaborative no matter where they sit in the organization.

How to send Salesforce notifications in Slack:

  1. Record status change in Salesforce
  2. Automation finds Slack settings for the channel and message to send
  3. Automation posts the message in the relevant slack channel!

Create Salesforce records in Slack

Creating Salesforce records directly from Slack because it’s too easy to chat and forget. By turning unstructured information from Slack conversations into structured data in Salesforce, we can capture ideas or requests directly in conversations via Slack message shortcuts and take advantage of all the automation, AI, and analytics capabilities of Salesforce.

How to create Salesforce records directly in Slack:

  1. Click kebab emoji on a message
  2. Use the shortcut
  3. Add name and description

Example: Idea Capture - When project ideas come up in Slack conversations, we can add a work item to our Salesforce backlog immediately.

Search Salesforce records in Slack

Searching Salesforce records in Slack so our team doesn’t have to go through the inefficiency of opening yet another app when they don’t have to. Simple, but effective. Using custom slash commands, individuals can quickly find results for Salesforce searches while still in the context of their conversations in Slack.

How to search for Salesforce records in Slack:

  1. Discover relevant Salesforce records in Slack
  2. Use /CustomSlashCommand [search term]
  3. See matching results including a name, description, and link to the Salesforce records.

Example: IP Discovery - Search for relevant IP records directly from a conversation discussing customer challenges to see if a solution has been built.

Troubleshoot with Einstein-powered Slack bots

Combine the power of Salesforce’s AI platform, Einstein, with Slack’s seamless bot experience to build an integrated and intelligent troubleshooting tool. Teams will be able to get help with common questions through AI-powered insights, or prompt a case to be logged in Salesforce—all from within Slack.

Build workflow approvals in Slack

This is going to be a big time saver! With a Salesforce and Slack integration, teams will be able to build workflow approvals in Slack, so records are automatically updated in the Salesforce Record. Think submission for time-off, expenses, IT provisioning, Marketing Approvals, Sales Approval (Deal Desk).

Slack and Salesforce: Your new digital HQ

If the past 18 months have taught organizations anything, it’s ‘just because it made sense, doesn’t mean it makes sense’. Where companies once relied on solid brick and mortar to connect their employees, customers, and partners—from storefronts to office buildings, and customer service centers—can now be done in the cloud.

We’re in a unique moment, an opportunity to rethink everything about how and where we work. And according to Salesforce, that’s exactly what the combination of Salesforce and Slack is all about—creating the business operating system for the new world of work.

Ask us anything!

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