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Respond Together: introducing the Traction on Demand COVID-19 response initiative

April 15, 2020By

Over the last three weeks, Traction on Demand’s distributed workforce of almost 1000 strong has banded together to help our customers, partners and communities tackle the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s been truly inspiring to experience the collective might of the community as we all work as one.

Reflecting on the collaborative solutions we’ve created with customers and partners, and the insights we’ve gained and shared, the value we can bring to our global community has become apparent. We’re now at a point where we can consolidate our COVID-19 solutions, offerings and learnings under one umbrella initiative, Respond Together.

Even when social distancing is keeping us physically apart, we’re all working collectively towards a common objective: flattening the curve of COVID-19. The solution to beating this thing is coming together.

It’s been truly inspiring to experience the collective might of the community as we all work as one.

Our goal is simple: highlight the solutions, offerings, thought leadership and ideas that have come as a result of working with our customers, partners and community in this fight against COVID-19. In the current environment, making these available more broadly is not an opportunity, it’s a responsibility.

Our online inventory of response solutions highlights rapid development projects we’ve completed and made available to others who might benefit from their use.

Complementary to the Respond Together page, our blog and resource hub will host articles, videos, events and webinars, with response-focused content and insights from Tractionites, customers, partners and community. You’ll be able to identify these resources by the Respond Together badge or branding.

We’re in this together and alongside our closest partner, Salesforce, Traction on Demand is doing everything we can to help our collective community fight back.

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Respond Together

Visit our COVID-19 Respond Together page to see what we’ve been working on and stay tuned for more daily updates.

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