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The Bandit Tour for Good goes global: probono Salesforce support for nonprofits

November 09, 2020

Doing good, virtually, around the world: providing probono Salesforce support for nonprofits from Australia to India

No passport, no problem

Every year since 2013, the Bandit Tour for Good has hit the road in search of good deeds and fun times en route to one of the largest tech conferences in the world: Dreamforce, put on annually by Salesforce. The Bandit Tour for Good typically starts in Vancouver and for seven days travels down the west coast, making several stops along the way to provide probono Salesforce support to nonprofits, before arriving in San Francisco for the highly anticipated conference.

Since this year has been anything but typical, we decided to think outside the box by expanding our reach and use technology to do good. Given that businesses are being creative and adapting to a new virtual structure, we knew that this was the perfect moment to extend the capabilities of the Bandit for Good Tour and impact communities worldwide.

We’ve decided to rethink what’s possible; we’re going virtual and we’re going global!

For the first time ever, we’re taking the Bandit Tour For Good across the world, pivoting to provide virtual probono Salesforce support to 19 nonprofits throughout North America, and for the first time, Australia and India. We can’t wait to jump into these new markets and share our expertise around the globe.

Giving what we’re good at

This year, our largest group of Bandits will be embarking on the global tour, 52 of them to be exact. A select group Tractionites—or as we like to call them, Bandits—from all areas of the company are coming together to give what they’re good at: expertise and knowledge in Salesforce consulting services.

The Bandits’ role is to understand their pain points and ensure technology is working for their mission, not against it.

“This work makes such an impact on these nonprofits, as many of them lack the time, expertise and resources to keep their Salesforce solutions running smoothly and efficiently,” said Vinamra Rao, UX Designer & Traction Bandit.

Customized compassion and collaboration with Salesforce

We recognize that every nonprofit is looking to drive their mission forward through technology by maximizing Salesforce in their own unique way, which is why the Bandits take the time to customize a plan that helps organizations achieve their missions faster and more efficiently.

The Bandits aren’t just looking to solve a problem—they’re looking to understand what we’re doing, and why we’re doing it.

In order to fully optimize our efforts and impact, the Bandits invest quality time in listening to the nonprofit’s needs and provide them with necessary templates they’ll need based on their pain points and the directions they wish to grow.

Check out a snapshot of some of the incredible nonprofits we’ll be working with around the world!

Inspiring the next generation

Each year, the Bandit Tour for Good does more than just pro bono Salesforce consulting. The Bandits also get stuck into volunteer work, carrying out “Bandit Acts of Kindness”, from cooking and cleaning, to teaching and serving—whatever help the nonprofits need, the Bandits are there to assist.

Over the past seven years, the Bandits have worked with kids in different communities to help them understand the idea of giving back and what it means to be an empathetic, compassionate person. This year, while in-person Bandit Acts of Kindness won’t be taking place, the Bandits will be working with kids (virtually) to teach them about the importance of philanthropy.

Not only do the Bandits help kids to define these words, but instill the idea that doing good is good for business.

“We believe in fostering creative thinking and giving kids the opportunity to do good in their communities by allowing them to choose how they want to use $100 to do good through initiatives like fundraising or purchasing food for the homeless,” said Shirley Loi, Community Engagement Manager at Traction on Demand.

Here for good: Bandit Tour wrap party

Want to join the Bandit Tour for Good festivities? Registration is now open for Here For Good, this year’s Bandit Tour for Good wrap party. Our guest speaker, Afdhel Aziz, author of Good is the New Cool, will share his views on how the power of purpose can be a force for good. Play your part in doing good by attending, as Traction on Demand will donate $10 for every person who gets involved. Learn more about the school Traction on Demand is supporting in Jaipur - and how your attendance can truly help make a difference.

Register here for our free TimeToValue Conference to join us at the Here for Good event and celebrate all things good. In the meantime, follow along our world tour through our social media channels (Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram) at #BanditTour20

Wondering how the Bandit Tour can help your nonprofit? Check out last year’s recap to see how the Bandits enabled nonprofits and tackled food security across North America. Be sure to visit our Bandit website for more information on how you can get involved.

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