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Introducing North Star, our initiative for small and thriving nonprofits

December 07, 2020By

We’re excited to announce that Traction on Demand has launched a new team solely dedicated to working with small and thriving nonprofits on the Salesforce platform. If you work for or know a small nonprofit that could be a good fit, we want to hear from you. Read on to find out more and get in touch.

Small and thriving: empowering small nonprofits by giving what we’re good at

As an organization, we truly believe in the value of investing in the Salesforce platform for small nonprofits, an area that is often underfunded. We know from extensive first-hand experience just how much of a game-changer this can be in helping to build capacity, from significant efficiency gains and process improvements, to enabling data-driven decision making; the investment can be transformative.

While clean data may not seem exciting to some, it’s one of our most important tools in our toolbelt...

"While clean data may not seem exciting to some, it’s one of our most important tools in our toolbelt...With our new structure, we’ll be equipped to make powerful data-driven decisions, connect more Makers with requesters; ultimately use technology, knowledge and passion to serve and empower people with disabilities."

Justin Pezzin, Program Manager at Makers Making Change

Today our work with nonprofits accounts for over 30% of all our consulting work at Traction on Demand, delivering services to organizations of all sizes. It began, however, with a single referral cheque from a partner company, received in the early days of growing our business. Greg Malpass, Founder & CEO, feeling torn on what to do with it, drove around for weeks with it in his car before consulting Michelle Malpass, VP of Community, who suggested giving it away.

From this first referral cheque, Traction for Good and our service grants program was born, providing nonprofits that need it most with the funds to cover anywhere from 10-95% of a Salesforce project.

We're proud to have surpassed


in service grants for nonprofits

We've worked on over


granted projects since the start of Traction for Good

A new path forward

As we’ve grown as an organization, our work with small nonprofits continues to be a focus for us at Traction on Demand. This new initiative and dedicated small nonprofit team will ensure this important work is not diluted.

The launch of the new small nonprofit team will allow us to stay true to our roots as we grow, continuing to focus on the important work of building capacity for nonprofits through technology, and enabling nonprofits to do more good. Michelle Malpass, VP of Community

Our new team will primarily work with nonprofits to:

  • Deliver quick wins through utilizing the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) out-of-the-box features
  • Provide continuity and ongoing support
  • Deliver projects that include training and enablement, ensuring small nonprofits are set up for success beyond project work
  • Enable nonprofits that may require extra funding for technology projects

We’re delighted to have kicked off our first project of this kind with One Girl Can, a nonprofit that aims to break the cycle of poverty and impact gender equality through education and mentorship. Their holistic model empowers a girl from the time she leaves primary school until the day she gains meaningful employment.

Our project with One Girl Can, involving an NPSP stand-up, will address their objective to have a 360 view of their donor database to help optimize their stewardship and retention of donors and therefore support the growth of their programs.

We are so excited to take One Girl Can to the next level. Having a centralized database will lay the foundation for our organization to grow, scale, and further our relationship with our donors. Most importantly, it will help us advance gender equality which is the core of what we do. Natalie Suen, Donor Relations Manager at One Girl Can

Connect with North Star

If you’re a small nonprofit looking for enhancement support, Salesforce training or an NPSP implementation get in touch with our North Star team below.

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