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Helping Boys & Girls Clubs of America transform club management with MyClubHub

March 17, 2021
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Empowering families, streamlining processes and enabling staff to focus on what matters most with Traction Rec and MyClubHub

Most people have heard of Boys & Girls Clubs of America, and are well aware of the immeasurable impact they have — enabling young people of ages and backgrounds to achieve great futures as productive, caring, responsible citizens. However, what’s lesser known is the huge amount of manual, laborious tasks required to operate their 4,700 Clubs that serve over 4.6 million youths across America.

Our teams, whose passion lies with helping kids, were constantly getting bogged down with stacks of paperwork.

According to Jacky Noden, Sr. Director, Product at Boys & Girls Clubs of America, an overhaul to their existing Club management system was long overdue. “Many clubs are still heavily reliant on paper-based administration. From parents having to fill in paper applications, to staff using clipboards to sign in hundreds of kids daily, our teams whose passion lies with helping kids, were constantly getting bogged down with stacks of paperwork.”

Boys & Girls Clubs of America operates under a federated model, meaning each of their Clubs operate independently. This resulted in a variety of operational tools, solutions, platforms and systems across the country. “Our Clubs were looking for a standardized management platform,” said Jacky. “Each location was experiencing similar pain points and user frustrations, and our constituents are increasingly expecting a more seamless, user-friendly experience. We knew a nation-wide solution was needed to support staff and to better serve kids.”

MyClubHub: A solution by Clubs for Clubs

To streamline operations and transform their Club management system, Boys & Girls Clubs of America engaged Traction Rec to build and implement MyClubHub.

MyClubHub is the conduit to ensure our staff can do more of what they love: less time on paper, equals more time with kids.

Built on the Salesforce platform, MyClubHub provides a data-driven, intelligent and proactive Club management solution that can be easily configured to meet the needs of BGCA’s broad user base. “We always say, if you’ve seen one Club, you’ve seen one Club,” said Jacky. “Each Club location is unique. They all have their own personality and as such, require an easily tailored solution that can bend to their needs.”

Boys & Girls Clubs of America worked with a range of Clubs to deepdive into the common pain points and ensure MyClubHub is a solution built by the Clubs, for Clubs. Once fully rolled out, MyClubHub will support approximately 800 Organizations, 3,200 Clubs, and around 1.7 million registered members and will include:

  • Nation-wide membership management
  • Streamlined program enrollment and execution
  • Donor, relationship and fundraising management
  • Financial support, including program payments and payment plans
  • Real-time reporting and analytics, with improved access and security

Improving child safety through real-time club monitoring

Boys & Girls Clubs of America culture is built with safety as their number one priority. With the current Club management system, their teams don’t have access to real-time insights or data, making it difficult to see the whole picture.

“When kids come to the Club, they often all arrive at once,” said Jacky. “Clubs often use a clipboard to sign them in as quickly as possible, before a staff member logs them in the system later. This can be problematic if, for example, an emergency occurs and we don’t have access to a real-time view of exactly who’s signed in.”

MyClubHub will provide a dynamic hub, where Boys & Girls Clubs of America can see real-time activities, staffing, guests and incident reports, improving reporting capabilities and child safety initiatives.

Providing the expected experience, making parent’s lives easier

As we know, the best experience is now the expected experience. Parents, who were once happy to fill in paper applications, are now looking for organizations that deliver a seamless online experience.

Prior to MyClubHub, parents were having to apply for programs, organize payments and adjust account details in-person, using a paper application. Not only was this time-consuming and arduous for the parents, but it also increased the workload for staff and volunteers.

“We know parents are extremely busy,” said Jacky. “MyClubHub will provide a virtual hub for constituents to log in, register, schedule payments and more, saving them a lot of time and energy.”

Streamlining operations, increasing impact

For many Boys & Girls Club staff and volunteers, whose primary job function is spending time with kids, their days could quickly spiral into all out administrative support.

“Our staff are so passionate about working with youth,” said Jacky. “I believe MyClubHub will enable our staff to more greatly impact kids and achieve our mission in a way that’s safe and efficient.”

The tools of the trade: Traction Rec

As with any project, success starts with sourcing the right tools and expertise for the job. For Boys & Girls Clubs of America, Traction Rec and was the perfect fit.

We feel like we’re all in this together, we’re truly one team working towards helping Boys & Girls Clubs of America achieve our mission.

“Boys & Girls Clubs of America required an intuitive technology that would allow Clubs to eliminate manual processes and alleviate pain points, so they could spend more time with the kids,” said Stephanie Andersen, Business Development Manager at Traction Rec.

Traction Rec, Traction on Demand’s unique pre-built recreation management solution was exactly what Boys & Girls Clubs was looking for. Built on the Salesforce platform, Traction Rec is a scalable, flexible product that will enable rapid time-to-value for BGCA, enabling them to efficiently rollout the MyClubHub solution across hundreds of clubs in a matter of months.

By combining the proven success of Traction Rec with MyClubHub and’s Nonprofit Success Pack Boys & Girls Clubs of America will create an effortless user experience for both staff, parents and kids.

“We’re extremely optimistic,” said Jacky. “We are so grateful to have an opportunity to work with Traction on Demand and Salesforce as partners. We feel like we’re all in this together, we’re truly one team working towards helping us achieve our mission.”

Pivoting through crisis

For 160 years, Boys & Girls Clubs have navigated times of tragedy and crisis to provide safe places for kids and teens. Facing the largest health crisis of modern time, more than 4,000 Clubs pivoted programs to support those hardest hit. From serving meals to impacted kids and families, to providing childcare to essential workers, and launching virtual programming to keep kids on track, local Boys & Girls Clubs leaned in to ensure their communities stayed safe, connected and enabled during the crisis.

If you’re interested in helping Boys & Girls Clubs of America achieve their mission and keep their programs online, please visit

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