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Life on the Business Development team at Traction on Demand

March 03, 2022By
Business development team members
Business development team members

Curious to know what happens when you combine a team that truly believes in the products and services that they sell with a culture that provides the tools and support for each member to reach their full potential?

For starters, you become North America’s largest dedicated Salesforce Implementation provider and you get the opportunity to create new growth opportunities for all of the members within that team, that’s what happens. Oh, did we forget to mention that it also leads to five quarters in a row where the Traction on Demand’s (ToD) Business Development team has well exceeded their forecast? Trust us, we’ve got the data to back it up!

At ToD we are passionate about empowering people to create positive change through transformative technology solutions. We’re also one of the first 100 certified B Corp’s in Canada, with our values deeply rooted in building community, creating opportunity and doing the right thing. We took these values and our track record of being best-in-class partners to build the best-in-class sales team that we have today.

The world of sales, straight from the source

For any job candidate, it’s common to question what it takes to succeed in a new role, or as part of the larger Business Development team. We sat down with a couple of the members of that team, from new hires to seasoned veterans, to find out what it’s really like to be a part of the Traction on Demand Business Development Team.

  1. Samantha Chow, Business Development Manager - Samantha came from a Business Development Representative background and was unsure if she was a fit for the role, given her minimal account management experience.
  2. Jordie Morrow, Business Development Manager - Although Jordie came from a solid sales background, he was unfamiliar with the Salesforce ecosystem.
  3. Dan Carabias, Area Vice President - With an experienced background in tech, Dan was equipped with the tools to succeed in his role, but first needed to tackle the Salesforce platform.

While each of these individuals all possess unique skill sets, experiences and qualities, above all, they were hired because they all are incredibly intelligent, hard-working and have a willingness to learn and realize their full potential within the ToD community.

ToD’s hiring philosophy is based on culture, intelligence and then skills. We are looking for people who want to join an active community of engaged individuals who see business as more than just a vehicle to make money. It doesn’t matter what your background is, if you’re the right fit and have the intelligence and drive to succeed, we want to hear from you!

Jordie Morrow and Samantha Chow
Jordie Morrow and Samantha Chow

Learning the basics

As we continue to explore the journeys of these four Tractionites, we come to the onboarding portion of what to expect when you join ToD.

Our Business Development onboarding process has been through many iterations to get to where it is today. We believe in empowering our people with the right tools to be successful in their roles. As we’ve evolved and scaled as a company, so has our robust training program. Read on to learn what you can expect in the Business Development onboarding bootcamp:

  • A 12/13 week process (2-3 times a week) run by the Enablement Team, who are dedicated to making sure that each Business Development Manager is equipped with the knowledge and templates they need to begin selling.
  • Learn about the end-to-end process that goes into making a sale at ToD and develop an understanding of the different key personas that are present in each sales cycle.
  • Designed like a University course, each week is dedicated to a different stage of the sales cycle.
  • Gain practical experience along the way that will allow you to become immersed in Salesforce, ToD’s sales cycles and what it takes to start selling.
Having the Bootcamp in the first few months was pretty monumental for learning. It really helps to set up the success for people coming in that don’t have the services or a Salesforce backgroundJordie Morrow

Onboarding remotely

With more organizations moving to flexible work environments, it’s become more crucial than ever to find ways to continue to build community through creating an engaging workplace - wherever you are. Samantha onboarded through the Traction on Demand Bootcamp while fully remote and during the height of the pandemic. She wondered how it would be possible to build rapport with clients and form strong relationships with her team. Luckily, ToD’s leadership team have made it a priority to ensure that these concerns are addressed so that new Tractionites can feel confident in their decision to join this team.

Honestly, the process exceeded my expectations, but I would say that a lot of that rapport building and successful onboarding is down to some very deliberate efforts from the leadership teamSamantha Chow

Some of the things that you can expect when you join a fully remote team at Traction on Demand are:

  • Daily stand-ups dedicated to getting to know your teammates
  • Weekly deal brainstorming sessions
  • Numerous social happy-hours
  • Continuous education opportunities
  • A dedicated onboarding buddy
  • Full transparency throughout the teams from top to bottom
Business Development team members
Business Development team members

Looking towards what’s next

Traction on Demand still maintains the energy and drive of a start-up, but now has the structure and processes of a company that has been around for 15 years. Once you are through the onboarding portion, we ensure you that you will have all of the tools that you need to really shine and reach your full potential.

Our leadership team prides itself on bringing people up through the ranks and promoting from within. When looking at what success means, ToD encourages everyone to truly follow their passions. Someone who did just that is Dan Carabias. When an opportunity came up for him to start a team that was solely focused on the extremely competitive West Coast market, he jumped on the opportunity. With ToD’s support, Dan was able to help build a team from one person to 50 reps strong, taking their earnings from 500K to 100M in recurring revenue.

I would've never believed that it could happen but it did. It happened fast and organically. I believe this is due to the DNA of our people, our values and the executive team that continue to allow us to realize our potential.Dan Carabias

Cultivating a connected community

Since day one, we have valued justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion (JEDI) in our team, through our recruiting practices, and within our culture. We would not be where we are today without the diversity in our teams and the inclusion of women and BIPOC individuals in our leadership.

We are continuing to diversify our leadership team, create better opportunities for the BIPOC community, and welcome everyone as they are across the gender and LGBTQ2S+ spectrum. We know we still have more to do, and are committed to a journey of further increasing justice, equity, diversity and inclusion at Traction on Demand.Jolene Chan, Chief Impact Officer

Finally, in speaking with each of these Tractionites, every person said that the level of support and dedication from leadership has allowed them the opportunity to reach their full potential, help drive success and motivate them to always question what’s next in their career at Traction on Demand.

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