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Introducing the High Tech Playbook

June 29, 2021By
High Tech Playbook
High Tech Playbook

Traction on Demand’s comprehensive guide to industry success on the Salesforce platform.

Almost one year ago, I got a call from Mike Epner, then President here at Traction on Demand (ToD). “We’re establishing a High Tech practice,” he said. “Would you be interested in chatting more about that?” I was familiar with ToD, their jean jackets and flannel, and their focus on philanthropy from running into them at Dreamforce every year. I jumped at the chance to discuss focusing my efforts on the industry I’ve been immersed in for my entire professional career.

Fast forward to today, and I’m thrilled to unveil Traction on Demand’s High Tech Playbook: a blueprint to high tech success based on our 15 years of experience in helping high tech organizations, like ourselves, successfully grow and scale on the Salesforce platform.

Why ToD?

In my followup conversations with Mike and other leaders within the company, I was floored by ToD’s resume and how well it aligned with my values and the type of organization I wanted to join. Not only have we implemented Salesforce solutions for some of the biggest names in tech (including Salesforce itself) in varying stages of their growth, we’ve also leveraged Salesforce as the cornerstone of ToD’s own scalability and success.

Additionally, as product developers that incubate and launch new Software-as-a-Service solutions built on the Salesforce platform, we face many of the same challenges as our high tech customers. This unique perspective fosters a deep sense of trust that our expert advisors and architects truly understand the nuances of those challenges and will guide the way to optimization and agility.

Let's talk high tech

As I set about formalizing the High Tech practice, a couple of key questions quickly came to mind:

  1. What sectors of high tech should we focus on?
  2. What challenges are high tech organizations facing?
  3. How can we distill all of our valuable experience into a comprehensive, yet consumable format?

The term “high tech” has been used as a classification for everything from software companies to semiconductor manufacturers—and beyond. For our purposes, we’ve chosen to prioritize software and service providers, as well as tech hardware. The challenges and opportunities of this group are core to the high tech industry, and will also resonate with other tech-enabled industries, such as Media, Communications, and crossovers like FinTech.

Turn your greatest obstacle into your greatest asset

In the face of rapidly-changing market conditions, constant pressure from competition, and accelerated growth, it can be difficult for high tech organizations to prioritize efforts to ensure that underlying processes and business technology remain agile and scalable. Additionally, as innovators and early adopters of software solutions, it’s not uncommon for Salesforce orgs to be heavily customized to meet immediate needs, without a plan for future adaptability. Solving this foundational challenge is critical, as it unlocks the ability to:

  • Differentiate your brand with personalized, data-driven, and results-oriented marketing experiences
  • Earn buyers’ trust by proving the value of your solutions, exploring new “as-a-Service” models, and making the buying process as painless as possible
  • Earn customers for life with effortless, connected service experiences through any channel

With so much important material to cover across different functional areas, we needed to ground the content in real-world examples. And what better example to use than Traction on Demand, having grown to over 1,200 users on the Salesforce platform to become one of the top 10 largest customers of Salesforce in Canada! In the High Tech Playbook, you’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at how we overcome industry challenges with the tools that Salesforce and its amazing AppExchange partners provide.

This is just the beginning

I’m beyond proud of the collaboration that’s gone into putting this playbook together. And it’s not over! We will continue to iterate and update our guidance as the trends impacting the High Tech industry change and needs evolve. I’m excited for you to give the playbook a readthrough, and I’m looking forward to the conversations that it initiates.

Start your digital transformation

Our High Tech Playbook will help you better understand your challenges and provide you with a roadmap to maximize your Salesforce platform investments, deliver an exceptional digital experience, and drive future growth.