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How Salesforce Interaction Studio personalizes the marketing journey in real-time

February 02, 2019

Traction on Demand is excited to start building one-to-one marketing journeys as one of four Interaction Studio Lighthouse Partners

In June 2018, Salesforce introduced Interaction Studio, a powerful solution that complements Salesforce Marketing Cloud's expansive toolkit. Interaction Studio enables organizations to track consumer behavior and serve up contextual content in real-time, across all channels.

Source: Salesforce
Image of a computer

Source: Salesforce

Diving into Interaction Studio

We were excited when Salesforce approached us to be one of the first four Interaction Studio Lighthouse Partners because we couldn't wait to dive into the platform. After going through Salesforce's enablement program, Dave Jenkins, VP of Data-Driven Marketing, is confident that Interaction Studio will open up new opportunities for marketers.

Successful targeted marketing delivers relevant, compelling messaging to the right person at the right time and most organizations struggle to achieve thisDave Jenkins, VP of Data-Driven Marketing

“Some have difficulty pivoting from a product focus to a customer focus and many have data siloed across multiple systems. This means customers receive irrelevant messaging from different groups. Interaction Studio is built to address these problems.”

Interactions in action

Source: Salesforce
Image of a computer

Source: Salesforce

Interaction Studio extends beyond the marketing department to give everyone in the organization insight into each customer's journey. This means when a customer calls the service department or interacts with a sales representative in store, they're given a consistent experience and messaging on every channel. You're able to design a moment that shows how much your organization cares about every customer's experience.

“Interaction Studio simplifies the process of capturing data from multiple systems in real-time. The platform categorizes the activities to determine relevant messaging and facilitates steady messaging across all channels, including offline teams,” says Dave. “Interaction Studio's functionality provides a critical competitive differentiator that enables companies to reinforce the right moments along a customer’s journey.”

As a Lighthouse Partner, we're working to develop and adapt the product to meet the unique use cases of our diverse range of customers. Consultants and thought leaders within our thriving Marketing Cloud practice are excited to deliver even greater value to customers with Interaction Studio.

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