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Help Altify reveal the biggest business challenges of 2019

November 27, 2018

This year, Traction on Demand is partnering with Altify to support their Business Performance Benchmarks study. The goal of the study is to discover key disruptors in specific industries and understand what is top of mind for business leaders as they plan for their next fiscal year.

Take the Survey

Altify's Business Performance Benchmark Study provides business leaders with critical insights. Last year's study revealed that customer retention was the number one business priority for 87% of respondents. It also determined that digital transformation and artificial intelligence would continue to be the most disruptive forces in business. Check out the full results of last year's study here. Sharing the factors that most influence your business provides us actionable insight to build solutions and products that better address the needs of your organization and industry. Fill out the survey today and be the first to learn what is exciting business leaders as they head into 2019! This year's survey is set to close on November 30. That means you still have time to participate.

Who is Altify?

With enterprise customers like Salesforce, Honeywell and Bell Canada, Altify is leading the charge in digital sales transformation. To enable sales teams, Altify's platform embeds sales methodology and best practices in their software while bridging the gap between sales and marketing. “I am a big fan of Altify because they do such a good job managing complex accounts with multiple opportunities and diverse stakeholders,” says Andrew Buckley, Chief Revenue Officer at Traction on Demand. “This allows you to better align your own organization to better tackle the deals with the greatest organizational impact. That this strategy revolves around Salesforce and takes advantage of the dataset already collected drives better adoption within sales teams and allows for constant evolution of the account plan.”

Featured photo by Sacha Vanhecke Photography

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