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Greg Malpass: Why we built the visitor management software for Salesforce users

October 18, 2017By

13 years ago, I started to work with the platform.

My focus was to help build the bridge between sales and marketing teams. Improve lead throughput, improve sales conversion. Simple. I was one of the first 500 people globally to attain the Salesforce administrator certification and since then, have personally implemented the CRM platform hundreds of times for clients across all industries. Inspired by Salesforce's remarkable pace of innovation and the impact a technology platform can have, I committed my company's focus on a single platform. Over that period, Traction on Demand has served over 1,200 companies through over 4,000 projects. As we scaled, we made the decision to find ways to solve recurring challenges in business with technology products, not just services.

Today, I am proud to share the latest release of Traction Guest, our cloud-based visitor management platform. Rather than blast the news via a flashy starburst, I wanted to share the story that led us to this point. This latest release makes Traction Guest the most comprehensive visitor management system (VMS) on the planet. While it provides the security, visibility and efficiency that a VMS must bring to offices and events, it also has the power to design unique visitor experiences and feed high quality, actionable data into itself.

It was a little over 2 years ago that Traction was looking for a way to generate early stage leads for Salesforce and Traction services. Salesforce of course has thousands of people focused on sales and marketing, their army of business development members leaving no stone unturned. Our experiment was to develop a simple, cost-effective platform that serves as a seed for future Salesforce product and services business. As a partner, we have always held a strong opinion on what we felt true partnership to be; we bring opportunities to the table just as Salesforce does. We share the desire to be at the forefront of innovative relationship management. We don't just take handouts, we strive to be aligned while independent.

In thinking of how we could contribute meaningful leads to Salesforce while seeding future services business, we decided we would invest in an application that could serve as a precursor to Salesforce. Having completed thousands of CRM implementation projects by this point, we were familiar with companies biggest pain points. One that concerned us time and time again, was around data quality.

The question arose: at what point will customers, partners and clients give the most accurate information about themselves?

First on the list, when someone needs to sign a document that is legally binding. Next, when they need to sign-in at reception to meet someone. Sparks flew and we leveraged an opportunity to enrich data by building a cloud-based visitor management platform that would allow businesses to harness information to create more meaningful relationships. A year later we launched our software product, Traction Guest. It was well received by the market and it has quickly been adopted in offices and at events around the world. While our plan was always to build an integration with Salesforce, we wanted to test the waters first to better understand business and visitor requirements.

We've done that and I am now proud to say we've in fact exceeded our objective. Traction Guest as a standalone entity is viable. It has a global customer footprint and is growing more quickly than we'd ever anticipated. Connecting the dots between Traction Guest and Salesforce has been a long term vision. I am so excited we are here today.

Imagine if you could create a completely custom visitor experience and then seamlessly pass that information to Salesforce. What if it was the easiest integration interface in the ecosystem? What if it merged the best of Salesforce and VMS? What if I tell you it has now become a reality?

Experience Traction Guest's disruptive integration today

Learn more about our latest release - Traction Guest.

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