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From boardrooms to breweries: a look at the future of work in 2022

December 08, 2021By
Traction on Demand shops concept
Working forward

Learn how we’re partnering with local businesses to challenge the status quo with our shops concept.

Working Foward shops concept

Who remembers the days of spending 30-45 minutes in rush hour traffic driving to an office, just to sit inside of a cubicle for eight hours, straining your eyes from the harsh fluorescent lighting hanging overhead? It’s hard to believe this was the reality for most employees up until March 2020 when businesses were forced to shift to a completely remote working model. Most employees didn’t even have time to think about grabbing their plants, let alone giving their colleagues one last fist bump, before only connecting through a webcam, for what felt like forever.

Once businesses got the green light to safely return to their work space, organizations had an opportunity to reflect on what was right for their employees, their customers, and the environment. At Traction on Demand, we acknowledge that just because it made sense, doesn’t mean it makes sense. This rang especially true when we looked at our previous model of mandating employees to work out of our physical office locations. We knew that in light of the pandemic, we had an opportunity to create a new vision of what working forward looked like based off of the trust, humanity, and harmony we built throughout the past year and a half.

Flexible work models are here to stay

Knowing that people's priorities had shifted amidst the pandemic, we looked to Tractionites to find out what was important for them when looking at the future of work. We found that 76% of Tractionites want working from home incorporated into a future of work model. An astounding 95% of them did not want to spend time tuning into local radio stations on a commute, as they found their home office environment conducive to working remotely successfully.

Of our employees


want the ability to continue working from home

It was clear that a hybrid working model was the way forward, but there was one big piece missing—how can we still unite Tractionites and bring in the sense of culture that made people proud to work here? 80% of our employees stated the importance of having physical space available for cultural opportunities where we can finally be together to collaborate and celebrate, making it clear what we had to do.

Back to the drawing board

The people had spoken, so we put our heads together and after several iterations, came up with our Working Forward model which would intelligently and thoughtfully merge our work into our lives, ultimately creating a work-life harmony that is real and accessible.

We knew that in order to create a future of work that is both enjoyable and considerate, we needed to make sure we acknowledged the following:

  • Not every model is for everyone
  • Tractionites should have the ability to ‘mix it up’
  • Work is what, where, when, who, how, and why. We should be intentional about each attribute
  • Every space needs to be uniquely Traction on Demand and unique to the people who occupy it
  • We will waste no potential

After taking all of these considerations into play, we created our new Working Forward model which introduced the concept of shops.

Let's talk shop for a minute

We define a shop as an underutilized space within a local business that ideally is within walking, biking, or public transit distance of a number of Tractionites within a community. A shop is a space for employees to gather, collaborate, and communicate in person, so they can truly get back to a feeling of culture, connectivity, and pride.

When we considered what types of spaces could be used for a shop, we knew we needed to do what was right for our Tractionites, our communities, and the environment. After learning through a recent study that 91 percent of businesses in the hospitality sector including bars, restaurants and accommodation took on major debt as a result of COVID-19, we saw an opportunity to partner with these local businesses to utilize their underutilized space, while giving Tractionites a place to work within their community.

"When we were presented with the shops idea by Traction on Demand, we thought it was just genius. It’s a great way to be innovative—the world has changed. It helps local businesses, like ours, and it helps their employees, who now have a location to come together, without travelling long distances."
- Dan Webster, Container Brewing

At last, employees can say ‘see ya later’ to a long dreaded commute, and trade it for a morning walk into a local shop, where they can try freshly brewed coffee, re-energize with delicious eats, and share some laughs with a colleague over a beer at the end of the day.

"To become involved in a partnership with Traction on Demand expands the knowledge and awareness of our brand. We have the chance to put our best foot forward with a group of people who may not have tried our coffee or beer before and we really get to manicure that experience for them."
- Darren Hollett, House of Funk Brewing

Today, we are proud to have partnerships across Greater Vancouver with shops at Container Brewing, Patina Brewery Co., House of Funk Brewing Co., and Brewhall.

By partnering with local businesses, we’re proud to be:

  • Making use of their space during hours where there’s little to no foot traffic
  • Lowering our environmental impact by reducing commute times and emissions
  • Creating new brand advocates who are directly contributing to their community
  • Providing a fun and safe space for Tractionites that’s reflective of our culture and values
  • Helping offset costs for our shops in exchange for using their space and services

"We got involved with Traction on Demand because our companies align very well in terms of our mission, our quality of service, and our values. Secondly, this flexible space is great for the different ways that their employees can use it. Thirdly, we have a lot of underutilized space so it makes sense to reach out to our community, help solve each other's problems, and come together to make everything a little nicer."
- Nick Menzies, Brewhall

Brewhall, Patina Brewing Co., House of Funk, Container Brewing
Participating shops

"The [Working Forward] program is an innovative way to support local businesses. This program is a way for Traction on Demand to create a steady revenue stream for businesses, such as ourselves, and serves as a safe place for their team members to work and collaborate."
- Kyle O'Genski, Patina Brewing Co.

This model has proven to be a win-win for both parties involved, as we’ve found a way to safely open the doors to these hybrid work spaces. Tractionites simply log onto an online booking platform to save their spot, giving us the ability to manage capacity limits. They can then drop into their desired shop during working hours to take in person meetings, have a brainstorm session with teammates, or just swap sourdough recipes from 2020. Now is the time to innovate and evolve—are you up for the challenge?

There's always room for more

Traction on Demand is in search of local businesses across North America who are looking to maximize their underutilized space during the typical Monday to Friday work week. Learn more about how your business can benefit from the shops model.