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Evolution of a brand: Traction on Demand gets a new look

June 21, 2021By
New look, same us.
Group of Tractionites on the beach, surrounded by frame with new brand look

So much happens in 15 years. You grow up. Have new experiences that shape your identity. Learn what’s right and wrong. Change your style. And evolve to become a more mature version of yourself.

Traction on Demand is no different. After 15 years, it was time for a new look. So much has happened in those years. We opened offices around the world, welcomed new Tractionites and hired newcomers to Canada through our Traction Access program, bringing our team to over 1,000 people. Our brand has to reflect these changes.

Our brand evolution is about more accurately representing who we are in our diversity as individuals, as well as in our diversity of thought. In my role as Chief Marketing Officer, I have to ensure that every Tractionite can see at least a part of themselves in how we visually represent Traction on Demand. Because knowing our brand is knowing us.

Design spotlight: logo

Brandstrike evolution
Evolution of Traction logo

The nine T’s logo that you’re familiar with was created over a decade ago. It was a different time for the organization back then. It was just our founder and CEO Greg Malpass operating out of his apartment in a Vancouver suburb. It will always be a reminder of where we came from—but we need to look toward where we’re going.

The new logo features a single T in a state of motion. And if you know anything about Traction on Demand, it’s that we’re constantly propelling forward due to the momentum of everything we have going on at any one time. Gone are the multitude of straight edges; in their place, a circle to signify a holistic vision of us as one unified team.

The why of our brand evolution

For close to a year, we’ve spent a lot of time and effort digging into our brand: how we look, represent ourselves and are perceived by others. We have been collecting, consolidating and crafting consistent answers to the question why? Why are we doing this redesign? Why do we want to change? According to Ken McCarty, Executive Creative Director at Traction on Demand, articulating our values and purpose was a key part of developing our brand blueprint. It’s not change for change’s sake; it’s about change that reflects an evolving Traction on Demand. “At its very essence, the brand refresh underscores the creativity and human-centric values of Traction on Demand,” says Ken. “Purpose is a part of every decision we make, so we really wanted to get to the core of how we define it, and that’s through the joy of doing good things, finding meaning in work and life, and leaving a legacy of impactful influence on growing organizations.”

At its very essence, the brand refresh underscores the creativity and human-centric values of Traction on Demand.Ken McCarty, Executive Creative Director, Traction on Demand

A lot of research went into defining our purpose; what it was 15 years ago when Greg started Traction on Demand and what it will continue to be 15 years from now when we are thousands of people strong. We interviewed FoTs (Friends of Traction), partners and, of course, an array of Tractionites. This exercise confirmed what we already knew about ourselves; Traction on Demand is about people first and foremost. Human-centricity has always been a major pillar of our community and will continue to remain so, whatever shape or color we may be.

Design spotlight: color palette

Design spotlight
two people looking at new Traction branding on a computer

With this redesign, we are moving away from the traditional “techy” feeling and dark blue palette, and instead embracing a softer, colorful palette to tap into our cheerful, playful side. Although we take our work seriously, we like to have fun doing it. This conscious design direction trickles down to our choice of font, which taps into our human-centric vision.

There’s more to us than what you see

But branding is not just about how we look. It’s about the message we are putting out into the world and the relationships we create with the people around us. We may look different but inside we are very much the same. At our core, we still have the same values that have made us successful as a business and organization. But we’ve grown up and evolved into a more sophisticated version of ourselves. We like how we look. We are proud of how we look. And we can’t wait to show you more.

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