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Driving donor engagement with Experience Cloud for Nonprofits

October 15, 2021By

COVID-19 has highlighted the importance of having an online presence as part of a fundraising strategy. More and more, nonprofits are using social media, email marketing, and websites to reach their constituents. However, an effective digital engagement strategy has to be more than just an outward push of information to constituents. If you want to transform those one-time donations into recurring donations and long-time donors, donors need a way to engage with the organization.

How can they learn more about an organization’s mission and success stories? Where can they find information on how their donations are helping bring about change? Experience Cloud for Nonprofits gives organizations the capability to build that fully engaged donor platform.

What is Experience Cloud for nonprofits?

Experience Cloud is not new to Salesforce. Nonprofits have been using Experience Cloud, previously known as Community Cloud, to build out online communities where constituents can get information and interact with the organization. Salesforce is now offering an entirely new type of licence for Experience Cloud aimed specifically at nonprofit organizations, aptly titled Experience Cloud for Nonprofits.

Prior to this offering, organizations were given a choice between three different licenses:

  1. Customer Community: An affordable price point but lacked access to some critical objects like Reports, Opportunities, and Campaigns.
  2. Customer Community Plus: An upgrade to the Customer Community license with access to Reports and Dashboards and greater flexibility with sharing rules
  3. Partner Community: Offered access to these objects but came with a much higher price tag, targeted at the intended function for commercial organizations sharing information and opportunities with partners.

Experience Cloud for Nonprofits falls somewhere in-between, with a price point more accessible to nonprofits and access to everything you would get with a Partner Community, plus out-of-the-box compatibility with NPSP, Volunteers 4 Salesforce, and Nonprofit Cloud Case Management.

So how can you leverage this new offering to build a one-stop donor engagement portal? We’re so glad you asked.

Donor portal: creating a seamless constituent experience

This is the obvious one. Experience Cloud has always given users the ability to log in and update their personal information. Now, they’ll also be able to do things like see a history of their donations or manage recurring donation information. Couple this with Salesforce’s new Elevate platform and you can now add the ability to donate online directly from the portal. No more asking users to click into some other site to donate to you. You can leverage all of the existing branding tools available through Experience Cloud to build one seamless experience for your constituents.

Engagement hub: building a connected digital platform

How are you going to create a connection to your constituents? Donors are more likely to continue donating to organizations they can identify with. They want to know what kind of work is being done. They want to see success stories. They want to know what’s coming up next. Experience Cloud can be that engagement hub where donors and staff can connect, and informational material can be presented online. You could even take it further and make special content available only to recurring donors or donors who have met a minimum threshold.

Many organizations were left stranded when COVID closed down in-person events. Adding in a digital engagement hub like Traction Gather can supplement those in-person events by using your Experience Cloud to host online events, offer online programs and provide on-demand video content.

Learn more how you can build video-powered digital experiences with Experience Cloud in our latest on-demand video: Gather and chill: Traction Gather.

Volunteer portal: enabling volunteers with a self-serve portal

Volunteers 4 Salesforce provides a whole suite of tools to manage volunteers including the ability to post volunteer schedules, enable self-sign up, and have users manage their volunteer schedules. Since Experience Cloud for Nonprofits gives access to Volunteers 4 Salesforce, integrating volunteer management into your online portal will be seamless.

Now your constituents have one place they need to go whether they want to make a donation, sign up for a volunteer shift, get more information, and learn more about the program they contributed to earlier this year.

Board member portal: streamline board communication

Experience Cloud for Nonprofit opens up access to Events & Calendars, Reports & Dashboards, and Tasks—all of which are essential to managing board members.

Imagine board members logging into their new online portal where they can quickly see a calendar of upcoming board meetings, access prior notes, and peruse through a series of dashboards that present key financial information on the organization. Not only that, tasks can be assigned to members, and updated and assigned back to staff when they’re complete. This is in addition to everything else we’ve mentioned above such as managing personal information, seeing their donation history, and hosting virtual board meetings.

Empowering teams with Experience Cloud for Nonprofits

Up to now, we’ve been talking all about how Experience Cloud for Nonprofits can help you build an amazing digital engagement experience for your constituents. What we haven’t talked about is the benefits to your organization that come with building out this type self-service platform. Free up resources from all those administrative tasks like sending out meeting notices, updating address information, or canceling a recurring donation so they can start focusing on doing the work that pushes your mission forward.

Human-centered design is our thing.

Our team knows the value of designing to the end users' needs. That's why when we work with Experience Cloud, it goes hand in hand with experience design. We'll help you bring the human into your technology.

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