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Financial Services digest: what you need to know from Dreamforce '21

September 29, 2021By

For those of us veterans who are used to the traditional Dreamforce experience, the last few years have been transformative in a very different sense. Where before you had to intentionally travel to San Francisco and dedicate your time to learning about all the new features and products that were being made available in the ecosystem, learning about all the partners, and networking with the vendors in Moscone South—now, we’re all logging in virtually while still doing our day jobs. The process can be rather taxing on the best of us.

“So, Dan,” you may ask “gimme the gist of what I missed; what’s in it for my firm?”

Top Financial Services announcements at Dreamforce ‘21

1. Simplify your customers' experience with Digital Process Automation

Digital Process Automation (DPA), or RPA as it’s known elsewhere in the industry, is a focus on automating processes using digital (or robotic) techniques to sand down rough spots in customer- or employee-based experiences.

Do customers have to fill in manual forms? Do employees need to take said forms and key them into a mainframe? Are you currently relying on staff to make standardized decisions or leverage calculation matrices to do pricing or profitability calculations?

DPA allows you to create and deploy branded experiences to reach banking, insurance, and wealth customers with speed and scale with a simplified, no-code workflow solution. It will enable you to create end-to-end experiences that address common customer experience pain points across your organization including deposit account origination, client onboarding, service fulfillment, and much more.

2. Increase productivity with Mulesoft Composer

I like to think of data as the lifeblood of any organization, and integration tools as the connective tissue. The newly released Mulesoft Composer product offers a way for Financial Services organizations to reduce technical debt buildup while also increasing the velocity of their implementations. It will empower your teams to connect apps and data to Salesforce with clicks, not code.

With MuleSoft Composer, you’ll be able to build that customer-360 faster and introduce automations that increase productivity across your organization. And any tool that promises to add velocity and reduce technical debt without sacrificing maintainability has my attention.

3. Get data-driven with Tableau

With the new Salesforce Data Pipelines, you’ll also be able to build connections to sync pipeline data more easily by transforming and augmenting your data. They also added Einstein Insights and Ask Data components so now you’ll be able to make better, timelier, actionable decisions.

And to make it even better, starting in Winter ‘22, you’ll be able to integrate all this within Slack - and speaking of Slack:

4. Build a new digital workplace with Slack

It’s not always about why we work or what we work on it; in a COVID world, it’s also about how we work. With the acquisition of Slack last year, and the evolution of Slack and Salesforce together, we’re starting to see tighter integrations on the roadmap. Slack, Salesforce, Tableau, Mulesoft, and a number of the other products in the SFDC portfolio are being tightly coupled to provide a holistic approach to managing work in a fundamentally more distributed way.

By taking a digital-first approach through Slack integrations, Financial Services organizations can break down silos, embrace flexible work, and automate workflows. The new capabilities let bankers create, share, and collaborate on account details in a single Slack channel.

Also announced at Dreamforce was Slack-First Corporate and Investment Banking which promises to help bankers streamline communication and collaborate on deals faster from anywhere. Released in Summer ‘22, this allows Salesforce users to:

  • Access account information and collaborate with deal team members in a single Slack channel
  • Create, share, and collaborate on meeting notes without ever leaving Slack with Interaction Summaries

Diving deeper into the latest announcements

Looking to learn a little more about what the latest announcements mean to you and your organization? We’ve been busy trawling through hundreds of hours of Dreamforce content to bring you Dreamforce Distilled. We’ve got a ton of great sessions for the Financial Services industry including:

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  3. Design thinking: bringing people, process, and technology together with Experience Cloud - Learn how you can make the most of Experience Cloud’s latest announcements to create human-centric digital experiences that give you the competitive advantage.
  4. The art of digitizing your customer service teams - Diving into how the latest Dreamforce announcements will enable your teams with the right knowledge, tools, and resources to create a seamless and consistent customer experience.

Check out all the sessions in our Dreamforce Distilled hub and subscribe to be the first to know when all the content drops. In the meantime, our daily Dreamforce recaps are live and can be viewed on-demand anytime. Check them out here!

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