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How to send brand-rich emails from NPSP: Distributed Marketing for federated nonprofits

September 03, 2021

Want to easily use Marketing Cloud tools within your CRM? Here's how with Distributed Marketing for Nonprofits!

Ever feel like your nonprofit communication is siloed and disjointed (with multiple emails the same day from both national departments and local chapters), your tools are complicated, and your constituent experience is less than ideal? If so, you are not alone!

Today, constituents expect that every interaction with your organization should be connected, relevant, and convenient. For federated nonprofits—organizations with a national office and geographically dispersed affiliates—this can be a challenge.

How can you ensure that all your communications and interactions are on brand? How can you enable your local chapters and regional teams with the right resources at the right time? How can you equip non-marketing teams with the tools they need to be self-sufficient? And more importantly, how can you do all this without having to onboard your staff to another technology tool?

Enter Salesforce’s Distributed Marketing!

What is Distributed Marketing?

Distributed Marketing is a product that is powered by NPSP (Salesforce CRM) and Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC). It allows NPSP users to send emails that have been built in SFMC by your marketing team. Basically, you can access some of the best parts of the marketing tools directly in your CRM—one-stop shopping!

Through Distributed Marketing, your local chapter or regional staff have the ability to send personalized emails and donor journeys directly out of NPSP, that are on-brand, relevant, and connected.

Benefits of Distributed Marketing for nonprofits

Empower anyone to be a digital marketer

As you know, not everyone in your organization is a natural marketer. Understanding the importance of seamless marketing and executing on-brand messages can be complex (even some marketers find this tough!). With Distributed Marketing, you can empower all your NPSP users with the tools they need to ensure your constituents are receiving connected, relevant, and convenient interactions, each and every time.

One of the biggest benefits of adopting Distributed Marketing is being able to keep your users in one system; you can use a single system for donor management and marketing communication. Since Distributed Marketing uses Marketing Cloud Connect, users can stay in NPSP and access and send the brand-rich emails your national office has created through the sending engine of SFMC.


What’s even better is that these users can customize these emails before sending them. This is a game-changer for end-users in NPSP! Maybe you had a wonderful conversation with a donor and want to send a quick follow-up email with an invite to your upcoming event. The end-user doesn’t need to worry about headers, footers, standard links, social media icons, nor standard language. You simply can recap your conversation in a Distributed Marketing content block and send the brand-rich email directly to your donor with all the marketing content already populated.

Oh, and these email results can populate back on the donor record so the teams understand the communications they are receiving. Helping you get to the 360-view of the donor.

Preconfigured journeys

Another major benefit of implementing Distributed Marketing in your NPSP org is that donor Journeys can still be powered by the national office. The end users do not have to manually trigger donor welcome, donor lapsed, or moves management journeys. Those all can still be set up by the national office so the local chapters and regional staff can focus on fundraising and building donor relationships. That is marketing automation’s main purpose the human relationship.

If you are thinking through a way to enable your local staff to be able to send on-brand, reportable individual or bulk emails, we highly recommend Distributed Marketing. Let your local chapters and regional teams do what they do best while letting Salesforce do the rest of the work!

Get started with Distributed Marketing.

Let your local chapters and regional teams do what they do best while letting Salesforce do the rest of the work!