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Introducing Traction on Demand’s COVID-19 vaccine clinic operations accelerator

November 25, 2020By

Today, Traction on Demand announced the COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic Operations Accelerator, the first in a suite of Vaccine Management Solutions developed on the Salesforce platform.

Designed for organizations planning, delivering and auditing COVID-19 clinics, the Accelerator applies CDC’s COVID-19 Temporary Clinic Best Practices to a Salesforce-based mobile app, providing organizations with auditable clinic data, critical risk identification, shift tracking, task management, and collaboration.

Several COVID-19 vaccine candidates have entered Phase Three trials and are showing promising results. Once vaccines are available, many organizations including public health departments, pharmacies and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) will be administering vaccinations worldwide. Vaccination clinics will need to be operated in temporary locations to meet social-distancing guidelines and provide convenient access for the public.

To guide the safe operation of COVID-19 vaccine clinics, the CDC has released a checklist for best practices for satellite, temporary, or off-site clinic locations. The checklist includes a step-by-step guide for before, during and after each clinic.

Traction on Demand’s COVID-19 vaccine clinic operations accelerator

Traction on Demand has digitized this checklist to enable simplified data entry that provides a permanent auditable record of all vaccination clinics an organization holds. Most importantly, administrators can optimize their clinic planning and execution with quantified clinic critical and non-critical risk metrics.

Vaccine clinic administration

In the coming months, administrators will be challenged to create and manage multiple COVID-19 vaccination clinics. Our COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic Operations Accelerator helps them track all the critical details of their clinics including type, location, staff members, capacity and cold storage units available on-site.

Each clinic passes through CDC-defined stages and administrators can see, at a quick glance, whether there are critical or non-critical risks associated with their planning and execution by utilizing our checklist automation. Built-in collaboration tools enable all staff to stay on the same page for each clinic with ease.

Mobile-ready CDC checklist automation

Each section of the checklist can be completed and tracked separately by staff members on a desktop or using our mobile app. Automatic saving of the entries simplifies data entry in the dynamic environment of the satellite clinic.

Dynamic dashboards

Clinic administrators, executives or other leaders can be confident that CDC best practices are being followed at all clinics by reviewing the included reports and dashboards.

Staff member shift sign-ins

The CDC also recommends attaching a staff sign-in sheet to each completed checklist. We’ve simplified this process by allowing administrators to create clinic shifts that enable staff members to sign-in. Staff member information can also be uploaded into the system.

With the clinic details, checklist completion and staff shift sign-ins in one central location, clinic administrators get a full view of all clinics hosted.

Features of Traction on Demand's COVID-19 vaccine clinic operations accelerator

  • Health Cloud Compatible
  • Clinic Administration
    • Create and track multiple clinics
    • Create shifts and track staff member shift sign-ins
    • Task management
    • Collaboration
    • Cold storage capacity
    • Track vaccines used in Clinic
  • CDC Best Practices Clinic Checklist Automation
    • Three CDC checklists included
      • Before Clinic
      • During Clinic
      • After Clinic
    • Critical Risk Monitoring & Warnings
  • Clinic Audit
    • Reports and dashboards
    • e.g., Clinics, Critical Risks, Checklist progress

Optional enhancements: customizations, marketing automation, and integrations

Traction on Demand’s COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic Operations Accelerator was developed with extensibility in mind, which means it can be fully customized to support your unique processes and integrated with the systems you use today no matter where you operate clinics around the globe.

Flexible architecture: Can be customized to support unique use cases (e.g., checklist customization, custom notifications, additional automation)

Genericized architecture: Can be integrated with other third-party applications (e.g., Marketing Automation, Immunization Information Systems)

Foundational architecture: To support other Health Cloud processes beyond Vaccine Clinic Administration (e.g., Adverse Reaction Monitoring)

Optional add-ons: Traction Thrive Critical Resource Management for PPE tracking, Traction on Demand’s Vaccine Clinic Campaign Accelerator, Immunization Information System integration

Traction on Demand’s vaccine management solutions

The COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic Operations Accelerator is the first in a suite of Vaccine Management Solutions developed on the Salesforce platform.

If you’d like a demo or more information about Traction on Demand’s Vaccine Management Solutions, package options, timelines and pricing please get in touch with one of our Healthcare & Life Science experts.

For more information on Traction on Demand’s Healthcare & Life Sciences practice, please visit our website.

Get started with vaccine management

If you’d like more information about our Vaccine Management Solutions, package options, timelines and pricing please get in touch with one of our Healthcare & Life Science experts.

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