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COVID-19: protecting our people and our community

March 12, 2020

At Traction on Demand (ToD) our top priority has always been the health and safety of our team, our families and our community.

As the COVID-19 coronavirus evolves into a global health concern, we’ve made the decision to ask all Tractionites to work from home, if possible, and suspend travel. Our goal is to lower the probability of the spread of COVID-19 coronavirus for us, our families - and the world around us.

It’s important to note that we don’t have any confirmed or suspected cases of the virus within ToD, we’re simply taking the best preventative measures to minimize any risk.

We’re fortunate, as a cloud technology company, that we’re well equipped to continue working from the comfort of home. As outlined in a detailed letter from Traction on Demand’s CEO, Greg Malpass, we plan to be proactive, not reactive, in our response to the virus.

I feel it’s our collective responsibility to play an active role in protecting our team, while also supporting the community at large by doing our part to contain the spread of the virusGreg Malpass, CEO of Traction on Demand

“In the workplace, organizations are still considering options, as Traction on Demand moves toward a very obvious model - our work-from-home program (SaaS days). For us, this is a simple step.

“While I want to be careful to communicate the seriousness of the world’s situation, we’re ready for this. We will lean in. And, we will share our approach with our community at large.”

At ToD, our existing business model means remote work and postponed travel will have little to no impact on our overall operations.

“Traction on Demand has embraced SaaS days for over 10 years,” said Greg. “Our delivery model was designed to be remote; our technology is accessible from anywhere, through any device; our security is ubiquitous regardless of access point; our culture has proven to scale distance through the cloud.”

Mike Epner, President at Traction on Demand, said delivering cloud-based solutions means ToD doesn’t require onsite visits to ensure project success.

“We've invested in the technology and developed the processes to make distance irrelevant,” said Mike. "We’re already experts at SaaSing and almost 20 per cent of our team are permanent remote workers. We have over a decade of experience operating in this way, so we anticipate it will be ‘business as usual’ for much of our team and clients."

At the moment, we have over 150 Everywheres (permanent work-from-home Tractionites) operating across the world, many of which are veterans in the work-from-home space. Alex Larente, Everywhere Experience Coordinator at ToD said working from home can be challenging but can also be extremely rewarding if you set yourself up for success.

“The beauty of having so many Everywheres is they can help our new work-from-homers learn the tips and tricks to stay as productive at home as they would in the office,” said Alex.

To assist Tractionites with the shift to a full-time SaaS model, our Workplace Experience team has sprung to action, planning multiple activities to keep Tractionite spirits high.

“We're planning a calendar full of online events and competitions to keep people engaged,” said Jessica Demos, Workplace Experience Manager at Traction on Demand. “We're also creating a virtual scavenger hunt and hosting online Beer O'Clocks to encourage virtual socializing and help mitigate the feeling of isolation.”

As part of the shift, Tractionites have been encouraged to take home office monitors, keyboards and anything else they require to set up a home office. Daily company-wide virtual huddles have been established and a dedicated COVID-19 Slack channel is monitored around the clock to answer any arising questions.

“All we need to do now is pivot quickly to our new environment. Keep focus. Keep doing great work. Stay connected and take this day by day,” said Greg.

As a company, we’re constantly evaluating the situation as it evolves and adjusting tactics based on new information. While we understand these measures may be inconvenient for some, we feel it is the right action to safeguard the health and well-being of our team while enabling us to continue supporting our clients and community.

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