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Introducing our COVID-19 response solutions for manufacturers

April 24, 2020By

The COVID-19 pandemic has created an unprecedented amount of unnatural change for manufacturing organizations. With a forced transition to a virtual workforce wherever possible, and huge disruptions to both supply and demand, manufacturers are in need of digital tools to manage the near-term impacts across their operations.

Leveraging our industry and platform strategists, Traction on Demand has quickly assessed the needs of our manufacturing customers to build solutions that respond to their most pressing concerns, including:

  • Support customers digitally: solidify support for customers in a time of uncertainty
  • Monitor demand disruption: enable sales to track and communicate rapid changes to volume forecasts
  • Communicate rapidly: activate digital channels to rapidly communicate with customers and partners

1. Customer support enablement

Disruptions to workforce and operations within existing customer support functions have prompted manufacturers to find new ways to support their customers. Currently, customer support is dealing with an increased volume of calls, while field service teams require innovative ways to reduce or eliminate on-site visits. Traction on Demand has developed several solutions to meet these acute needs:

Salesforce Care for Customers and Employees: Activate Salesforce Care Solution for Employee and Customer Support for your business. This allows you to keep employees and customers connected and informed and rapidly respond to inbound inquiries. The solution includes branding, navigation, knowledge and Einstein bots for self-service, as well as case intake across various channels including chat, SMS, and online forms.

Remote Service Enablement: Traction on Demand has partnered with Help Lightning, an innovative merged reality platform, to provide a quick-deploy solution for enabling support technicians to visualize asset failures and provide guidance to local resources to perform minor maintenance and repairs. Help Lighting has two complementary offerings to support organizations needing to manage service through travel restrictions. Traction Demand is currently offering to deploy Help Lightning into your existing Salesforce case management solution at no cost.

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Contractor Management: Enable third-party service contractors to support your customers through an expansion of serviceable areas in the midst of travel restrictions. Traction on Demand has architected an end-to-end solution to manage everything from the recruitment of contractors to handling case-level dispatching and invoicing.

2. Product demand monitoring tools

Customer demand and their ability to purchase products is rapidly changing. Manufacturers need to accurately monitor and adjust volume commitments in order to quickly adapt operational plans. To enable sales teams, manufacturers require digital management tools to accurately forecast and communicate changes in real-time.

Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud Lift-Off: Manufacturing Cloud is a best-practice solution to closely manage run-rate production demand with customers and partners. Traction on Demand has partnered with Salesforce Industries to design a rapid-deploy approach that get manufacturers up and running with Manufacturing Cloud. This solution can be deployed for manufacturers without any existing CRM solution or can be deployed as an extension of an existing Salesforce implementation.

Salesforce Care for Manufacturing (NEW OFFERING): Salesforce recently announced Salesforce Care for Manufacturing, a solution for manufacturers who are pivoting operations to produce critical COVID-19 relief supplies. This solution allows manufacturers to develop accurate forecasts to manage demand for relief supplies, enable real-time partner collaboration, and surface actionable insights. Traction on Demand is providing a FREE two-hour virtual overview of the Salesforce Care for Manufacturing org to help build a plan for how it can be deployed to your organization’s COVID-19 supply efforts.

3. Rapid communication solutions

Rapidly changing supply and operational dynamics require manufacturers to communicate regularly with customers and partners. Leveraging email and social media to ensure stakeholders are receiving the most up-to-date information is increasingly important. We’ve developed the below session to rapidly help manufacturers get up and running on these platforms:

Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) Accelerator: Traction on Demand will configure your SFMC instance to provide a solid foundation for future expansion on the platform. Upon completion of this project, you will have a fully functional Marketing Cloud instance integrated with Sales/Service Cloud, a responsive email template, Automations, and an operational Journey Builder Welcome series.

Pardot Accelerator: Traction on Demand will configure your Pardot instance to allow for quick time-to-value in near-term sending as well as providing a solid foundation for future expansion in the platform. This includes the setup of your Pardot technical configuration, the Salesforce Connector, your marketing assets, and migration of data into Pardot.

Social Studio Accelerator: Traction on Demand will configure and enable Social Studio and configure the tool to support your management of Social publishing, listening, and engagement.

Next steps

Are you interested in any of our COVID-19 response solutions for manufacturers? Our manufacturing team is offering free discovery calls to better understand your company's needs and whether Traction on Demand's response solutions might be a fit. Get in touch with us today.

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