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Introducing Traction on Demand’s carbon offset accelerator for Sustainability Cloud

December 15, 2020By

Traction on Demand is excited to announce its new Carbon Offset Accelerator. Designed for organizations using Salesforce’s Sustainability Cloud to measure their carbon footprint, the accelerator provides the ability to track carbon project investments, available carbon credits and associated cost, then allocate those credits to reach net-zero carbon emissions.

Working towards net-zero

The scientific community has stated that we must reach net-zero global CO2 emissions by 2050 in order to limit global warming to 1.5 °C. In addition, Forrester Research recently noted that sustainability-focused businesses have better financial results, are more attractive to consumers, employees and investment firms. Now is the time to double-down on sustainability, even amid a global pandemic.

To meet the goals of a net-zero future, corporations require a means to measure their carbon footprint by tracking energy use and automatically calculating Scope 1, 2 & 3 emissions. Sustainability Cloud can reduce carbon accounting audits from months to weeks; however, to meet the goals of science-based targets and their commitments to organizations such as We Mean Business or the Step Up Coalition, corporations also need an auditable method to calculate whether they’ve achieved net-zero emissions.

The Science-Based Targets Initiative (SBTi) has outlined the foundations for science-based net-zero targeting in the corporate sector. The framework states that corporations can compensate or neutralize greenhouse gas emissions with carbon credits while they’re in the transition to net-zero. Once at net-zero, any residual emissions within their value chain are expected to be neutralized by removing an equivalent amount of carbon dioxide. Carbon credits that are uniquely serialized, issued, tracked and cancelled using electronic registries can be purchased from many sources and are often offered through brokers.

Traction on Demand’s carbon offset accelerator

Traction on Demand has been building sustainability solutions on the Salesforce platform since 2018, resulting in a Partner Innovation Award in 2019 for our work with Salesforce Sustainability. We’ve recently expanded the capabilities of Sustainability Cloud to include carbon credit tracking and allocation. Now, Sustainability Analysts can easily offset their organization’s carbon emissions with confidence using our new Carbon Offset Accelerator. Key features include:

Carbon project tracking

As corporations transition to net-zero, they will be investing in carbon credit projects such as the Darkwoods Forest Project, near Traction On Demand’s small-town initiative office of Nelson, B.C. Our accelerator helps sustainability analysts track all the critical details, like developer, registry and type, of Carbon Projects they are exploring or in which they have invested.

Carbon contracts

Details of carbon credit investments from a Carbon Project are captured in Carbon Contracts. Total credits purchased, issuance date, cost, retirement date and amount allocated are tracked for each contract. Most importantly, the status of the carbon credits is tracked to define whether the credits are available to offset any emissions accrued by the corporation.

Carbon credit allocation

Once the Sustainability Analyst has collected and validated all of their emissions data, following the path in Sustainability Cloud, the Carbon Offset app provides an easy-to-use interface for allocating available carbon credits. The analyst is able to select emissions to offset by scope or type, e.g. commercial buildings or data centers. Convenient running net emissions and cost totals make forecasting and communicating budget needs straightforward. A summary of total emissions and all allocations is recorded for easy auditability.

With Traction on Demand’s Carbon Offset Accelerator for Sustainability Cloud, Sustainability Analysts have the perfect tool for completing their goal of reaching net-zero.

Traction on Demand Carbon Offset Accelerator features

Carbon projects, contracts and credits

  • Create and track multiple Carbon Projects
  • Track Carbon Credits purchased and their status

Net-zero carbon emissions accounting

  • Select carbon emissions to offset by Year, Scope or Asset type
  • Automatically calculate emissions summaries from selected Carbon Footprints
  • Allocate available credits to offset carbon emissions
  • Summarize total costs of offset
  • Automatic Carbon Credit status updates
  • Easy-to-use interface

Audit reports & dashboards

  • Customizable reporting on Carbon Projects, Carbon Credits, Emission Offsets and more
  • Sustainability Analyst, Executive and Auditor profiles

Optional enhancements: customizations & integrations

Traction on Demand’s Carbon Offset Accelerator was developed with extensibility in mind, which means it can be fully customized to support your unique processes and integrated with the systems you use today.

Flexible architecture: Can be customized to support unique use cases (e.g., custom notifications, additional automation)

Foundational architecture: Can be integrated with other third-party applications (e.g., Sustainability Cloud, Energy consumption/billing systems)

Traction on Demand’s Carbon Offset Accelerator

If you’d like more information about our Carbon Offset Accelerator, chat with one of our Sustainability Cloud experts.

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