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How our customers are unlocking speed and capacity within Salesforce (and how you can too)

February 27, 2020By

Highlighting the success of a recent campaign so that you, our readers, can learn from what we discovered.

Last fall, Traction on Demand launched a campaign to help our customers build capacity within their business. We took a three-pronged approach, promoting building capacity from the angles of people, process and technology; three integral components that need to be considered as a part of any successful digital transformation.

Three-pronged approach to building capacity

How did we settle on the campaign theme of Building Capacity? We dug into some of the most common challenges we heard from our customers, which ultimately led us to develop three offerings to overcome those challenges.

1. Traction Extend: Organizations were finding they simply didn’t have the people-power or experience to manage their Salesforce org and couldn’t keep up with platform advancements, acquisitions and new functionality. Our goal with Traction Extend is to increase organizational capacity by partnering you with an Extend Champion with deep expertise on the Salesforce platform.

What we’re doing with Traction Extend is helping customers unlock value within Salesforce, finding new ways to leverage the platform.
- Corey Hayden, Traction Extend Consultant and Team Lead

2. Salesforce's Lightning Experience: It’s hard to believe that in 2020 only a fraction of Salesforce customers fully leverage the power of Lightning. But when they’re looking to optimize their current technology stack and make further platform investments, customers are realizing the Lightning framework is essential to securing a positive ROI.

What customers will ultimately get (with Salesforce Lightning) is speed. And if we ask ourselves, what’s the currency of business today? It is speed.
- Greg Owen, Platform Architect

3. Org Optimization: Are you an early Salesforce platform adopter? Do you have a multi-org environment? Whatever your situation, we’re seeing more clients unable to advance their use of the platform because they lack data governance and stewardship. Maintaining high levels of data governance not only helps organizations make more accurate and informed decisions, but also allows for further refinement of their business processes.

Understanding how you might be accumulating technical debt over time provides perspective on how you might avoid it or remediate it.Mike Fransblow, Senior Solution Engineer

Campaign analysis & observations: common trends and what we’re seeing

I dug into the campaign data to better understand if specific offerings resonated better with certain types of clients or industries. Here are a few interesting campaign results.

Analysis 1:

Org Optimizations accounted for 50% of client engagement with the campaign. Traction Extend accounted for 34% and 16% of clients were most interested in a Lightning migration. Additionally, the three industries where we saw the greatest engagement were high tech, nonprofit and professional services.

Observation: High tech clients were most likely to invest in Org Optimization projects. Many of these organizations were early adopters of the platform, which can result in ineffective data governance as the company grows (often rapidly), investing more in the platform over time.

Observation: Extend, Lightning Migrations and Org Optimizations all resonated with our nonprofit audience. Traditionally, nonprofit organizations have fewer resources available to dedicate to operational expenses and systems, resulting in little internal capacity. But as nonprofit organizations begin to implement systems and processes found in the commercial world, we’re starting to see a greater need for the same level of internal capacity to innovate and maximize their use of Salesforce.

Analysis 2:

Clients interested in Salesforce's Lightning Experience and Traction Extend were also more likely to invest in our Org Optimization offering.

Observation: We’re seeing that Org Optimization presents one of the largest challenges to our customer base. It also demonstrates that clients understand that while investing in data clean up programs is important, it’s also vital to invest in their people and tech stack.

The Building Capacity campaign provided our clients with three well-defined opportunities for investing in themselves and their organization to ultimately free up time to do more - where they choose to invest that time is completely up to them.

Want to learn more about our Building Capacity offerings and how they could be applied to your organization? Get in touch through the form at the bottom of this post.

Additional investments our clients are making in Salesforce

Stepping back from our specific offerings, it’s worth taking a look at where significant investments have been made in the Salesforce platform from both our clients and Salesforce themselves. Here are four highlights:

1. Integrations: With the 2018 acquisition of MuleSoft, integration has become a part of every digital transformation conversation. Want proof? In Salesforce’s FY20, MuleSoft revenue grew 77% year over year, which is considerably higher than the company’s consolidated growth of 21%.

2. MyTrailhead: With a delta of qualified Salesforce administrators existing in the market right now (demand outstrips supply), enabling people on the Salesforce platform has become an integral part of any adoption strategy. Salesforce’s Trailhead program has seen 15M badges earned across 1.5M learners since 2015 along with an 88% YOY increase in Q3. Side note - Traction on Demand has also invested heavily in myTrailhead for our onboarding and training programs, a big reason we were able to scale our team over 50% in 2019.

3. Einstein and Analytics: Salesforce acquired analytics giant Tableau in 2019 and we’re still waiting to see where this investment takes the platform and market, but pair this with the continued investment in Einstein artificial intelligence and we’re starting to see a true game-changing differentiator for Salesforce.

4. The Digital Experience: We can’t stress enough the importance of staying close to this one. We’re now seeing how Salesforce’s investments in Marketing Cloud, Commerce Cloud (B2B and B2C), Communities and their 2019 $300M investment in Automattic, an integral part of the Wordpress platform and content management system, are coming together. Watch for Salesforce to continue to invest time and money in this space as they gain market share in the digital experience world.

The takeaway?

Invest in your people, process and technology.

Learn more about building capacity and get in touch directly below.

Learn more about building capacity

If you haven’t been thinking holistically about your technology investments and how you can build capacity within your organization, it’s time to start. ToD has principal strategists who work with clients dealing with these challenges every day.

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