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#BehindTheB: How we bring our B Corp certification to life

March 16, 2022By
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It’s B Corp month! To celebrate the businesses that continue to strive to put people, the planet, and profit at par, B Corp has launched the #BehindtheB campaign. As one of Canada’s first 100 certified B Corporations, we’ve held our B Corp certification for close to 9 years. It continues to be engraved in how we’ve grown, defined, and live by our social purpose.

We exist to: Change Worlds.

Traction on Demand began with the purpose to ‘Change Worlds’ and we do this by continuing ‘to invent better and empower impactful change to the worlds of business, communities, and individuals.’

It might sound lofty but our B Corp certification has been foundational to bringing our social purpose to life. ‘Change Worlds’ is entrenched in Traction on Demand’s day-to-day operations through our B good ethos. Whether it’s how we change the worlds of our team members, our customers, our community, or the impact we have on the environment—it’s our guiding light.

With our social purpose in mind, let’s take a look #BehindTheB. Every B Corp is scored using the five impact areas in the B Impact assessment:

  1. Workers
  2. Governance
  3. Environment
  4. Community
  5. Customers

Here’s how we bring each impact area to life.

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Workers: putting our people first

How is your company taking care of your workers and improving their lives and wellbeing?

From day one, our number one priority is the enablement of our Tractionites—our internal name for the people of Traction on Demand (ToD). We may sound like a broken record if we mention the pandemic, but the truth is, it was a pivotal point to rethink how, when, and where we worked—and choosing what benefits and resources were available for Tractionites. Here are a few ways ToD has recently prioritized the lives and wellbeing of Tractionites:

Steppin’ into 2022

Most recently, we launched our steppin’ into 2022 initiative to encourage our Tractionites to step into the new year in style with fresh kicks. Each Tractionite was able to purchase and expense a pair of shoes to get them walking, running, and even skating at the beginning of the new year. This initiative was launched in conjunction with our internal charity miles campaign, which gave Tractionites the opportunity to come together in movement to support a variety of causes with every mile traveled, some of the organizations included Australian Conservation Foundation, Nature Conservancy of Canada, Navdanya just to name a few. A total of 294 Tractionites traveled 14.6k miles and raised $2,605. Plus, we held internal events like yoga, meditation, and more were organized to encourage Tractionites to get moving while doing good.

To continue to prioritizing movement and wellness to kick off the year, we made our quarter forward into a podcast rather than a video to allow our team to turn off the screen and listen from anywhere.

Choose your own adventure

It’s no secret people value their own autonomy when it comes to balancing their careers and personal lives, and the pandemic has only amplified this. Our leadership team at ToD saw the need to give Tractionites more options to pick their own path when it came to how they worked. So this year a variety of flex work options were rolled out to give Tractionites the opportunity to choose how they harmonize work and life. These options include half-day fridays, sabbatical leave, extended parental leave, and more.

Work from wherever you want

In mid-2021, the leadership team launched a company-wide survey to get a holistic understanding of what Tractionites wanted their future of work to look like. Based on the feedback three things were clear; Tractionites missed the connection they had with their coworkers, they wanted to have autonomy when it came to returning to the office, and they wanted more options for office spaces. This feedback helped craft ToD’s Working Forward plans with what we call, Shops. Shops enabled us to bridge our community and Tractionites by partnering with local businesses to maximize their underutilized space during the work week, while giving our team a place to work and connect with each other closer to home—a-win-win situation.

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Governance: driving our impact culture

How do you make sure your company’s governance considers all stakeholders?

According to B Corp’s overall B impact score, governance is defined as, “a company’s overall mission, engagement around its social/environmental impact, ethics, and transparency.” To remain true to our B Corp pledge, our Impact Advisory Board ensures we have a positive impact in all of these areas.

In addition to community and sustainability, our Impact Advisory Board raises awareness about JEDI issues at the highest levels of ToD. Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) are essential pillars for ToD to drive our positive impact. We celebrate the inclusion of all humans and leverage our business and relationships as a force for good. To ensure our team was equipped with the right understanding and resources on how they incorporate JEDI initiatives into their lives, we created a dedicated Impact team.

As an employee-led initiative, JEDI Explorations is an education and lived experience series dedicated to helping us all become more informed and inspired to self-educate to become better allies.

Some of our explorations have been triggered by global events including understanding privilege, Indigenous relations, the Asian experience, and the Model Minority Myth. Shared in many formats, the open discussion amongst Tractionites has been a great opportunity to break down stigmas surrounding the topics discussed.

JEDI Explorations paired with a newly created JEDI training module has offered Tractionites to learn more through self-guided learning. With a formal stakeholder engagement plan that includes identifying relevant stakeholder groups, we want to ensure Tractionites needs are being met and we're identifying and engaging traditionally underrepresented stakeholder groups and demographics

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Environment: our journey toward carbon neutrality

How is your company prioritizing and taking care of the planet?

B Corps take environmental wellbeing very seriously, whether that’s our impact on the air, climate, water, land, or biodiversity, it’s a driver–not an afterthought. We believe it’s our duty to take responsibility for how we work so that we can continue to grow well and grow fast while having a positive impact on the planet.

Beyond our dedicated sustainability team that works to set organizations on track toward carbon neutrality with Net Zero Cloud, we signed onto the B Corp Net Zero 2030 Pledge. This pledge was a testament to stay true to our B Corp values and prioritize the planet. We’re proud to announce that in December 2021, we went carbon neutral!

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Community: building a community, not just a company

How is your company giving back and contributing positively to the community?

At ToD, making an impact in our communities is not just a side project, it’s baked into our business strategy. As we’ve expanded into new geographies, we consistently strive to have a positive impact on the communities we operate in. Here’s how we do it:

Empowering communities through opportunity

A key driver for our growth as a company is focused on creating a workforce that considers the impact our presence could have on the area in which we’re operating. This year we expanded our presence into the city of Winnipeg, Manitoba, while working closely with the local community to ensure both our needs, and the needs of the community were met. Local stakeholders included Economic Development Winnipeg, PeopleFirst, and institutions like Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology (MITT), Red River College, University of Winnipeg, and University of Manitoba. We’re grateful to partner with these local stakeholder groups to help create opportunities for individuals in Winnipeg, and beyond.

Fueling small-town growth

Born and raised in the small town of Nelson, British Columbia, our Founder and CEO, Greg Malpass, witnessed first-hand the external pull many professionals face to leave small towns as a result of professional growth. With many communities across Canada losing talent, especially in the tech space, because of limited opportunities Greg wanted to fuel small-town economic growth when building ToD. In 2018, ToD opened its Nelson office, which serves as a hub for tech employment for residents across the Kootenays.

Time for Good

All Tractionites have the opportunity to take paid time off and give their time to any nonprofit. The purpose of the volunteer program is to give back to the communities in which we live, work, and play. To date, 62% of Tractionites have given their time to over 70 unique organizations—this totals more than 4500 hours.

In the spirit of giving back, we run annual fundraisers through our Traction for Good (T4G) community engagement program. Where we’ve been able to raise over $500K in donations for causes close to Tractionites hearts. This year some of these initiatives included support for Indian Residential School Survivors, BC Flood Relief Efforts, and medical supplies to support our team in Jaipur, India amidst the COVID-19 outbreak.

Customers: using our business as a force for good

How is your company having a positive impact on your customers’ lives?

As we look to increase the impact of mission-driven organizations, our robust nonprofit practice enables us to do that. This year we partnered with some amazing nonprofits including The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS), the largest nonprofit dedicated to creating a world without blood cancers. Prior to partnering with us, LLS had multiple disparate systems to help manage their patient initiatives and constituent engagement. Our implementation helped LLS grow their fundraising efforts by 52%, enabling the organization to keep their life-saving mission on track.

Partnering with nonprofits is something that’s close to our hearts at ToD. Beyond the implementations, we understand that finding the funding for digital transformations are not something all nonprofits can do easily. That’s where our service grants come into action. Since 2012, we’ve given over $3 million to nonprofit organizations to help them expand their impact through the use of technology and we’re excited to continue helping nonprofits in the future.

Let’s B better, together.

2021 marked the year of the highest demand for B Corp Certification across all fronts; new B Corp Certifications were up 16% compared to 2020. It’s clear the B Good movement is not going anywhere, and businesses across a variety of industries are seizing the opportunity to hold themselves accountable to both people and the planet.

With B Corp scoring across the five areas we mentioned above, there’s still always room for improvement. Our current B Corp score stands at 101.6 with the goal to hit 110 this year. We’re looking forward to fueling what’s #BehindtheB and continuing to strive to use our business as a force for good.

From our inception, we knew we wanted to build a business that was about more than just money and jobs, that would carry more of a forward legacy and be responsible to its stakeholders and to the community in which it operates.Greg Malpass, Founder & CEO, Traction on Demand

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