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#BehindtheB: amplifying inspiring voices from the B Corp community

March 25, 2022By
Two women holding a tile and smiling

Did you know March is B Corp month? All month long B Corp is celebrating the businesses that continue to strive to put people, the planet, and profit at par, through their #BehindtheB campaign. Traction on Demand was one of Canada’s first 100 certified B Corporations, and we’ve held our B Corp certification for close to 9 years. But in true B Corp fashion, we wanted to highlight some of the other voices in this inspiring community who continue to use their business as a force for good.

In honor of B Corp month, International Women’s Day earlier in March, and Women’s History Month, we’re getting to know Lioness Tile, a B Corp certified social enterprise based out of Bagru, Rajasthan, India. A leading manufacturer of handmade, environmentally friendly tiles, the company’s artisans are majority women from rural backgrounds.

Back in 2020, Traction on Demand’s India team installed boys and girls bathrooms in a local school and partnered with Lioness Tile who donated their tiles for the bathrooms. Since then, we’ve been inspired by the work they’ve done to empower women, operate sustainably, and benefit their community.

Bathrooms and tiling

Getting to know Lioness Tile

Lioness Tile began its journey in 2017 with the intention of “handcrafting bespoke, eco-friendly cement tiles and empowering the local women artisan community of Bagru.” Their goal was to blend three themes associated with sustainable development: women empowerment, environmental sustainability, and skill development.

When it came to hiring and training, Lioness Tile co-founder Daminder Kaur was clear, “We wanted to train and work with local women of the community;” and that decision paid off. “The dedication and ownership local women took with Lioness Tiles were unparalleled. Right from day one, they were aware that such skills would help them break the limitation of day-to-day household chores and help establish a unique identity within their households and community,” says Kaur.

Over the years, as operations grew, the production process came under the complete ownership of women artisans. Today, Lioness Tile’s business is powered by women with six full-time women artisans and two men artisans.

#Breakthebias: creating social change in Rajasthan

This year’s theme for International Women’s Day was #Breakthebias, an idea that rings true to many of the artisans employed by Lioness Tile. For Mamta Devi, now Senior Trainer at Lioness Tile, before becoming an artisan much of her time was dedicated to household chores. However, her growth from cleaning staff to artisan has changed her family and community’s perception of her, and women in general: “At first, people felt women should be limited to the household, but today there is a fresh sense of confidence that women can be equal partners and skilled breadwinners of the family.”

Kavita, an artisan at Lioness Tile, is happy to now have responsibilities beyond the home. “We as women give birth, yet our potential is considered to be less than that of men.” The meaningful work Kavita and her team are doing proves that’s not the case. “Today, we look forward to our children, and particularly daughters, achieving great heights and breaking the belief that women are meant to be confined to household tasks. We have learned the importance of financial independence and decision making and look forward to a bright future for our children,” Kavita states.

Co-founder Daminder and the artisans of Lioness Tile
4 women artisans smiling together

Making business a force for good

Becoming B Corp certified was a learning experience for Lioness Tile. It helped them identify and integrate the right managerial, environmental, and social processes in the core of their business while focusing on women empowerment, sustainability, and social responsibility.

“We’re proud of the work we have done here, and are confident that Lioness will serve as an example of how companies should grow as social enterprises rather than merely focussing on maximizing profits.” Daminder Kaur, Co-Founder, Lioness Tile.

At ToD, B Corp values continue to be engraved with how we’ve grown, defined, and live by our social purpose. Our ToD team in India, located in the same state as Lioness Tile, has actively incorporated inclusive policies to #Breakthebias. Today, the gender composition of our team in India is above average the Indian average and we continue to have an active focus on gender balance in cohort hiring. We’ve significantly increased offers to female candidates and recently achieved a 50% balance of men and women in our latest onboarding cohort. We’re proud to be part of such an amazing community of businesses that are about more than just money and jobs and prioritize empowering women during Women’s History month and beyond.

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