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Bandit World Tour 2019: reflections from the road

July 10, 2019By

As we gear up for the seventh annual Bandit Tour for Good, Devon Houle (Manager, Marketing and Alliances) looks back on the things she's learned as a three-time Bandit on the Bandit World Tour.

8 Bandits on the road doing good and having fun
5 nonprofits further enabled on the Salesforce platform
3 Canadian cities visited (Montreal, Kingston and Toronto)
2 organizations received 48 hours of volunteer support
1 elementary school classroom inspired by our Intro to Philanthropy workshop

All this resulted in endless memories and smiles.

So why do we take our do good attitude on the road every year? Because it's a part of our DNA.

Traction for Good, our community engagement program, strengthens the connection between people, community and technology. The Bandit Tour (in all its forms: Bandit Tour, Bandit World Tour and Bandit Codes) does this in three ways:

  1. Building community
  2. Doing good
  3. Having fun

Build community

The Bandit Tour lets us create connections by giving back in the best way we know how: enabling others through technology.

Beyond working with nonprofits, the Bandits build strong connections with Tractionites from across North America. As our company grows, Bandit World Tour is also a great chance to strengthen our internal community.

Marie Clark, a Strategic Solutions Manager who hit the road with the Bandits in April, reflected on her time on the road. “Having the ability to go out, make memories and bond with fellow Tractionites is what made the tour extremely special for me,” explained Marie. “I started the tour with eight strangers and left with eight new friends. It was awesome!”

Do good.

At its core, the Bandit Tour is on a mission to make a meaningful impact for the nonprofits and people we meet on the road. Whether the team is enabling a nonprofit to better use the data they gather from donations or using their muscles to help keep Canadian parks clean, these Bandits invest time (their most valuable asset) in the name of doing good.

Want to learn how the Bandits are helping these nonprofits? Check out the Camp Outlook Bandit World Tour profile.

Have fun.

On the Bandit Tour, we work hard to play hard! In fact, half the fun of going on the road is living in the moment. For example, a few Tractionites had an impromptu jam session while touring Joe's MILL, a musical instrument lending library in Kingston, ON (check out the photo above).

Check out all the Bandit World Tour Highlights in our wrap up video.

Join the 2019 Bandit Tour for Good

It doesn't matter where the Bandits are going or who they are meeting, their passion for technology and helping others shines through.

Ever since Bandit World Tour wrapped up in April, we’ve been counting down the days until we get to do it all over again. And it’s finally here! The seventh annual Bandit Tour for Good will take us from Vancouver to San Francisco between November 12 - 18, all in the name of doing good.

If you work for a nonprofit on the West Coast (between Vancouver and San Francisco) that currently operates on the Salesforce platform, we want to hear from you. We're looking to enhance your Salesforce functionality and operational efficiency.

Complete your Bandit Tour for Good application for pro-bono Salesforce services today; the deadline to apply is September 13, 2019.

Chat with our experts

Want to learn more about Bandit World Tour and our non-profit practice?

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