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From surf to salesforce: streamlining first-aid and CPR courses with Surf Life Saving NSW

November 13, 2020By

Every year since 2013, the Bandit Tour for Good has hit the road to provide probono Salesforce consulting to nonprofits, en route to Dreamforce. Since this year has been anything but ‘typical’, we’ve decided to rethink what’s possible; we’re not only going virtual, we’re going global!

We’re taking the Bandit For Good Tour across the world, pivoting to provide virtual probono Salesforce services to 19 nonprofits throughout North America, and for the first time, Australia and India.

For our fourth day on the tour, we visited sunny New South Wales, Australia and dropped into the state’s peak water safety and rescue organisation, Surf Life Saving NSW.

Saving lives & serving communities: Surf Life Saving NSW

Their mission is simple and hasn’t changed in over 100 years said Mia Pacey, Salesforce System Administrator for Surf Life Saving NSW and Surf Life Saving Services.

“Saving lives, creating great Australians and building better communities is the heart of what we do,” said Mia. “Each summer, over 21,000 members take to the beaches in the iconic red and yellow uniforms, and as a result, have been responsible for saving 1,000 lives since 2008.”

More than just a volunteer lifeguard service, Surf Life Saving NSW proudly acts as a major provider of first-aid training to businesses across NSW, while also playing a pivotal role in emergency response initiatives; providing rescue equipment, specialized training courses and education programs for youth and community members.

Calming the sea with Salesforce

Given the volume of volunteers, members, training materials and courses that Surf Life Saving NSW processes on an annual basis, they turned to Salesforce to alleviate data management challenges.

“To continue to support our members, we rely on revenue from our first-aid and CPR training courses. This is where Salesforce and CPQ comes into play,” said Mia. “However, currently this booking and invoicing process isn’t as seamless as we’d like.

Looking for support with managing their complex solution, Mia reached out to Traction on Demand to apply for probono Salesforce support through the Bandit Tour for Good.

“The tour was first brought to our attention by our Salesforce Account Executive representative. We were immediately engaged by how the Bandit for Good Tour helps out communities. We’re an organization who loves what we do and we want to work with companies who share similar passion, values and mission,” said Mia.

Sending in support

The Bandit’s headed Downunder to help Mia and her team maximize their Salesforce capabilities and alleviate their challenges.

Streamline user journey: Disparate systems were causing a disjointed user experience for processing purchases of CPR and first-aid courses and equipment.

Improve automation: Surf Life Saving Services was relying on time-consuming manual processes for reporting and invoicing.

Drive user adoption: An incomplete user journey and technology roadblocks were causing lower user adoption rates.

“A part of Surf Life Saving Services’ funding comes from selling CPR and first-aid training courses,” said Kim Strauss, Traction Bandit and Nonprofit Solutions Consultant at Traction on Demand.

“Mia and her team needed help streamlining the end-to-end purchase process, from ordering, invoicing and receipting. It’s a lot of manual and repetitive steps for their teams, so we want to reduce that effort and improve the user experience to help boost funding.”

Riding the technology wave

Diving headfirst into the challenge, the Bandits streamlined the user experience, providing a seamless invoicing process for Mia and her team.

“We basically reconfigured CPQ to allow for mass entry of data,” said Kim. “We also taught their team how to use Field Twinning to help prevent data inaccuracies on their order form.”

“The new solution will relieve our team of countless hours of manual admin work,” said Mia. “We’ll have more confidence that our data is accurate, empowering our remote teams and future-proofing our organization.”

“In the year we’re living in, people need to accept and embrace technology and all of its capabilities. Through advancing Salesforce technology within our organization, we can better serve clients by improving their end-to-end customer experience” - Mia Pacey

Keeping up with the Bandits

Want to join the Bandit Tour for Good festivities? Registration is now open for Here For Good, this year’s Bandit Tour for Good wrap-up party. Our guest speaker, Afdhel Aziz, will share his views on how the power of purpose can be a force for good.

Register here for the TimeToValue Conference to join us at the Here for Good event and celebrate all things good. In the meantime, follow along our world tour through our social media channels (Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram) at #BanditTour20

Here for Good

Check out the recordings from our Here for Good event to learn more about the Bandit Tour for Good.

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