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Bandit Tour nonprofits provide services crucial in post-pandemic world

August 04, 2021By

Check-in time! How are you doing today?

If you say ok, blah or languishing you’re not the only one. The global pandemic may be slowly winding down but all signs are pointing toward a mental health crisis. According to Mental Health America, anxiety and depression are on the rise, with children and youth becoming casualties after being locked down for close to two years. So it’s never been more important to support the nonprofits that will be on the frontlines dealing with the fallout in a post-pandemic world. For us, that support starts with an invitation to the Bandit Tour for Good.

Everyone’s thinking about wellness

“The wellbeing of our health and livelihoods is on everyone's mind right now,” says Brittany Neale of Traction on Demand, adding that people are starting to acknowledge it’s ok to talk about how they’re feeling and the impact the past year and a half has had on their lives. “The pandemic put both physical and mental health at risk for billions of people. In some ways it’s a shared experience that individuals from all across the world can relate and connect to,” says the Presales Manager who was also on the Bandit selection committee.

While Jessica Langellaan, VP of Nonprofit Solutions at Traction on Demand, says it wasn’t a conscious choice to select mostly nonprofits focused on “good health and well-being” as per the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), these organizations will nevertheless be in high demand as they address the increased need for their support and resources in a post-pandemic world.

Bandit Tour: from road trip to global roundtrip

The Bandit Tour for Good will once again support dozens of nonprofits as they get ramped up on the Salesforce platform. What was once a road trip from Vancouver to San Francisco can now happen 100% online (thank you Zoom!). This means in terms of our reach we’re no longer confined to just North America, we can widen our scope to include nonprofits in all the countries where Traction on Demand operates including India and Australia.

To Brit, the lack of physical borders is changing the Bandit Tour for the better. “One of the most exciting parts coming out of the selection process is the huge increase in the number of interested organizations across India, all of whom are not current Salesforce users,” she says. (Prospective Bandit nonprofits are traditionally already on the Salesforce platform when they apply.) “Rather than turn these organizations away, we thought it would be a great opportunity to build community.” What this means is that the selected India-based nonprofits not yet on Salesforce can participate in virtual enablement and training sessions to learn how they can be successful on the platform (oh, Zoom, you’ve done it again!). “We hope this inspires them to explore whether Salesforce can make a difference in their ability to grow and create more impact,” adds Brit.

Impact or bust!

With the creation of Traction on Demand’s Impact department in 2020, “impact” has really become the foundation of everything we do. Every decision is made by considering what kind of impact it will make. It’s a huge challenge every year to decide which nonprofits should be selected for the Bandit Tour, but it’s made just a tiny bit easier when the selection committee considers where the Bandit Tour could have the greatest impact.

“We have to think about the parameters of Bandit,” says Jessica, adding that the timeframe (less than a week) is a huge consideration in deciding which projects the Traction Bandits can take on. “And some of the organizations we’ll be working with are those we’ve supported before,” she continues. “In this way, we can have a long term impact on these nonprofits by continually helping them improve their systems, so they can do even more to achieve their missions.” And this will become ever more important as we lean on them while navigating life in a post-pandemic world.

Hey nonprofits!

Are you with a nonprofit that could use some Salesforce support? Head over to our Social Impact page and learn about our Traction for Good service grant.ical