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Increasing impact with The Good Foundation

November 12, 2020By
Man wearing pink apron saying Ministry of Food Australia

Increasing impact with Salesforce: The Good Foundation & Bandit Tour for Good

Every year since 2013, the Bandit Tour for Good has hit the road in search of good deeds en route to Dreamforce. The tour typically starts in Vancouver and travels down the west coast, making several stops along the way to provide pro-bono Salesforce consulting for nonprofits as well as perform Bandit Acts of Kindness, before arriving in San Francisco.

Since this year has been anything but ‘typical’, we’ve decided to rethink what’s possible; we’re not only going virtual, we’re going global! We’re taking the Bandit For Good Tour across the world, pivoting to provide virtual pro-bono Salesforce services to 19 nonprofits throughout North America, and for the first time, Australia and India.

Our second day of the Bandit Tour for Good, took us Downunder to Australia-based nonprofit The Good Foundation.

The future is food: good food

Through The Good Foundation, an independent not for profit, Jamie's Ministry of Food is cooking up what is needed to lead the transformation of Australia's food habits through advocacy, program delivery, and collaboration.

If I had one wish, I'd wish for everyone to help create a strong, sustainable movement to educate every child about food. To inspire families to cook again and empower people everywhere to fight obesity.Jamie Oliver

At The Good Foundation, teams of chefs, educators and volunteers aim to lead the transformation of Australia's food habits through advocacy, program delivery and collaboration to maximize the health, wellbeing and productivity of communities.

“Cooking empowers people to take control of their lives and health,” said Alex Johnson, Database Coordinator for The Good Foundation. “It’s an important life skill that everyone should have the opportunity to learn.”

While the global pandemic has forced everyone to shift gears and change their way of doing business, Alex explained how the sudden move to virtual cooking programs was exactly the push they needed.

“We’ve had to rely heavily on technology and Salesforce, which has proven to be an incredibly eye-opening experience for us. By taking our five week cooking classes into a digital environment, as well as our school programs, we’re able to reach those who live in remote communities, those who have mental or physical limitations and those who don’t have the financial means to participate in our in-person classes.”

Salesforce serves up food for thought

While Salesforce has been vital in the ongoing success of The Good Foundation, particularly during COVID-19, Alex admits they’ve just scratched the surface of what’s possible with the platform.

“As with all nonprofits, our resources are limited. So, when I first heard the Bandit Tour for Good was coming to Australia, I was thrilled. Having the opportunity to work with a team of dedicated Salesforce experts, who can dive into our platform and set it up for long-term success was something I couldn’t pass up.”

The Good Foundation reached out to Traction on Demand and the Bandit Tour for Good to help with the following challenges:

Accurate data capture: Since introducing a new booking system, the team had little understanding of their customer, constituent and volunteer data.

Overall data management: With only one team member proficient in Salesforce, the team was underutilizing the platform’s capabilities, which could help with campaigns, expanding reach and organization awareness.

Collaborative communication: Shifting to a completely remote workplace, the team needed to deepen their knowledge and skills in Salesforce’s internal communication abilities.

The recipe for success

Alex and her team weren't the only cooks in the kitchen, as the Bandit’s too, had an appetite for good food and good Salesforce strategies.

In their time with The Good Foundation, the Traction Bandit’s established a set of automations and workflows to increase efficiency and eliminate time-consuming manual processes.

“We wanted to focus on small wins that would make a big difference and have a lasting impact for Alex and her team,” said Harry Bohosian, Traction Bandit and Lead Solution Architect at Traction on Demand. “For example, we built an automation that sends all class participants the recipe after each session, so Alex doesn’t have to do this manually.”

The Bandits also created a roadmap for The Good Foundation, to help them maximize lead opportunities, resulting in a more streamlined communication process to customers.

“Now, through a detailed understanding of their data, The Good Foundation can provide a tailored, personalized experience with recommendations on specific programs to help grow their customer base.”

“Salesforce has allowed us to grow our business online,” said Alex. “Now, we’re not only staying relevant, but we’re ahead of the pack in terms of the innovation and programming we offer.”

Hungry for new opportunities

"Harry and the team have made a huge difference to my workload," said Alex. "I’ve had this recipe automation on my ‘list of things to do’ for a year now and seeing what they have done, there is no way that I would have had the skills to set up the process myself."

"I’m so grateful it’s not only saving me a bunch of time but will make it easier for all the staff in our locations next year too!"

The Bandit’s served up solutions that will allow The Good Foundation to continue to expand and educate their constituents, empowering more Australians to enrol in their virtual cooking programs, ultimately leading to a healthier way of life.

“By taking our programs online, we’re able to extend our offerings to indigenous and remote communities - something we haven’t been able to do before, and that’s the coolest part of all” - Alex Johnson

Keeping up with the Bandits

Want to join the Bandit Tour for Good festivities? Registration is now open for Here For Good, this year’s Bandit Tour for Good wrap-up party. Our guest speaker, Afdhel Aziz, will share his views on how the power of purpose can be a force for good.

Register here for the TimeToValue Conference to join us at the Here for Good event and celebrate all things good. In the meantime, follow along our world tour through our social media channels (Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram) at #BanditTour20.

Do good, have fun - Check our TimeTo Value conference

Check out the recordings of our TimeToValue conference to celebrate all things good.

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