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Multi-cloud digital transformation with the American Marketing Association

March 10, 2020
Sideview of panel at TractionForce

Whether you're a student, an academic or a marketer, you know where to go for the latest thought leadership within the marketing community. The American Marketing Association (AMA) is the go-to source for constituents looking to connect with the right people and resources.

The AMA provides the leadership, support and network for professional and student marketers alike to stay informed and inspiredKevin Murray, VP of Marketing, Traction on Demand

"They highlight unique and high impact campaigns. Additionally, they syndicate innovative best practices to help marketers drive demand and establish credible and long-lasting brands."

At last year's TractionForce Toronto, the AMA joined us in our Technology and Transformation session. During the conversation, they discussed some of the successes they've had with Salesforce. They wanted to provide an experience that matched the quality of their content. After working with Traction on Demand they've built an exciting, multi-cloud roadmap.

For the American Marketing Association, it's all about meeting and exceeding the expectations of their constituents. Leveraging powerful products like Community Cloud and Service Cloud, they are on their way to providing a truly personalized experience.

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Learn more about how the AMA is leveraging their multi-cloud solution to transform their constituent experience.

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