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A masterclass in driving Salesforce adoption

September 25, 2017

Driver Bio

Adam Beamish, president of MBW, has lived around Mark Beamish Waterproofing (MBW) his entire life. Started by his father in the family garage a year before he was born, he jokes that “the business was the first-born in the family.” Adam took control of the company in 2008 after working in various roles across the organization. Traction first engaged with Adam and the MBW team in their 2014 Sales Cloud implementation project. Since then, the Traction team has worked closely with MBW to support their growing business by moving more and more operations onto Salesforce.

A Vision and a Plan with Salesforce

It takes effort, dedication, and strategy to get a team working like a well-oiled machine in Salesforce. Adam's personality played a large part in Mark Beamish's adoption strategy. According to Adam, “being a collaborative type of learner - pulling from other people's experience - definitely helped increase our likelihood of being successful here.” As a member of CEO and executive networking groups, Adam leveraged the experience of his peers to guide his approach. But he didn't enter the project with a heavy hand, looking internally for guidance as well. He built a committee at MBW to discuss Salesforce and listened to the input of departmental stakeholders.

Employees on the front-lines trained with the software and tested it, ensuring that the final product met Adam's business needs and also supported a more efficient process for the end-users. Adam and his team also turned to Traction for help. Akio Tajiri, the lead Cloud Technologist for Traction's MBW team, suggested that their Salesforce adoption strategy follow Traction's own best practices and the concept of: Crawl, Walk, Run. MBW has done just that, moving towards their long-term vision in phases. The first phase consisted of a Sales Cloud implementation, but Adam talked excitedly of moving all operations onto Salesforce.

The trust the team had in Adam's vision and how hard the executive team fought to make sure that there was buy-in with all key influencers in the organization were the two things that impressed me the most [about MBW's strategy]Akio Tajiri, Team Lead & Cloud Technologist, Traction on Demand

Team Players

One of the reasons that Traction and MBW have collaborated so well is a shared emphasis on values. The MBW team uses Salesforce to support their core values, fitting seamlessly into the company culture:

  • Responsiveness
  • Quality
  • Consideration
  • Promise Keeping
“Adam always has both his team's back as well as mine.” - Akio Tajiri, Team Lead & Cloud Technologist, Traction on Demand

Building the Team - Pit Crew and Drivers

Not everyone learns at the same pace, and Adam made sure he leveraged the expertise of the Traction team as Salesforce educators. Those that had trouble adjusting to Salesforce were encouraged by Adam to try just one new thing each week, allowing for goal-setting that wouldn't intimidate. A fortunate stroke of luck in the project was the almost simultaneous hiring of Shawn, MBW's resident super-admin. Described jokingly by Adam as a “divine intervention,” Shawn functions almost as an in-house troubleshooter, and his enthusiasm for Salesforce helps keep other employees honest and on track. When asked how the MBW team are continuing their success with Salesforce, Adam stressed the importance of leveraging outside help.

MBW continues to consult with Traction, communicating weekly to fine-tune MBW's Salesforce instance based on whatever issues arise during the week. Asking what's working and what's not ensures data remains usable and actionable. Leveraging a system that never grows stale has given Adam a lot of confidence in the reporting tools at his company's disposal, so much so that if errors occur, he's surprised something “slipped through the cracks.”

This last week we caught a couple of bids that were missed. Because [Salesforce] is so tight, the couple of things that got missed in the report stick out like sore thumbs. So now we're tweaking the report to make sure that we catch that through the report next time.Adam Beamish, President of Mark Beamish Waterproofing

The Finish Line

Adam Beamish knew that success was no guarantee when MBW and Traction set to work on a series of Salesforce projects, but by prioritizing and stressing the importance of executive and end user adoption and support, he set his team up to achieve success, with growth following thereafter. Because everyone at MBW is unified behind one vision, they don't need to slow down, powered as they are by a Traction-tuned Salesforce engine.

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