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5 things to consider when embarking on a non-profit tech transformation project

March 28, 2017By

For many non-profits, switching to a new technology platform can seem like a daunting task. It can be a struggle to find the budget to invest in the technology, and there may be a lack of understanding of how technology can make an organization more efficient. To help non-profits faced with this scenario, we’ve come up with the five things to consider when embarking on a technology transformation project:

1. Step towards increased efficiency

You’re running lean teams and much of what you do is being processed manually. Imagine if you could cut the time spent on administrative tasks by over half. The goal of implementing a technology plan is to give you back your time so you can focus on driving your mission forward.

2. Build your capacity

Where is your organization now? Where do you want it to be half a year or a year from now? Do you have the tools to achieve your goals? Having the answers to these questions will propel your mission forward, and the use of technology will allow you to have a 360-degree view of your organization every step of the way.

3. Choose the right system

Transformation doesn’t happen overnight, and it doesn’t need to happen all in one project. Determine the requirements needed to meet the results you are hoping to achieve, and use a crawl, walk, run model to prioritize the work. The cloud allows non-profits to operate on enterprise-grade software without the hardware costs. Additionally, Salesforce provides all non-profits with 10 free licenses. Leverage Salesforce and the surrounding ecosystem products to help you tackle each of your priorities.

4. Empower yourself and your organization

After going through the technology-adoption exercise, you will be able to clearly articulate exactly what your organization needs and effectively communicate that plan to internal and external stakeholders in order to achieve your mission.

5. Prioritize your needs

How you currently do things in your organization and how you want to do things need to be clearly defined. From there, you’ll be able to see what’s having the biggest impact and what’s holding you back.

Need some more guidance? We can help you. Traction on Demand will be providing pro bono services to non-profits in Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto currently on the Salesforce platform during Traction Road Trip from April 17-20. Apply now or sign up for the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) workshop being hosted at our Toronto office on April 19. Not on the Salesforce platform but interested in developing a technology plan of your own? Come to our Montreal office on April 17 and our consultants will suggest a plan of action, helping you realize that embracing technology is not so daunting after all.

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