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3 awesome new features of NPSP Batch Gift Entry (with screenshots)

January 30, 2019By

Because ain't nobody got time for stacks of donations.

Get excited! The newest functionality in the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack is here and it's set to make your life a lot easier. The batch gift entry object, released on January 15, 2019 to production orgs with NPSP installed, can now be used. If you're ready to enable this in your org, be sure to follow the configuration instructions. Here are 3 awesome new features bulk gift entry brings that I've been looking forward to sharing with our clients:

1. Require the exact batch total to match what you're expecting

When creating a gift batch to process, you can set the total amount and number of gifts so the batch cannot be closed unless the expected totals match. You have the choice whether or not to turn this setting on with each batch, but when you do, it allows you to ensure a batch isn't closed if expected vs. actuals don't line up. It's a due diligence measure to make sure nothing gets missed.

2. Make fields required for batch entry only

If there is a field that you want to require in a batch, but it is not required normally when creating an opportunity, you can enforce the particular field on the batch entry. While creating the batch, you can choose which fields are required to be populated for each entry. This is great if you know all of the gifts being entered from an event are going to be cheque only, and can therefore enforce a cheque/reference number field as required (which may not normally be the case if gifts are received via other payment methods).

3. Update existing pending gifts

If you are entering a batch of gifts, and you look up a contact that has a pending gift, the batch gift entry interface will ask you if you would like to update a gift currently pending for this constituent. This is a great feature because it keeps everyone on a fundraising team on the same page, as multiple team members may be soliciting pledges from various constituents and entering them as pending gifts in Salesforce. If you have a gift from one of these individuals in your batch, you will automatically get a notification that there are gifts that have not been closed, and you can then choose to update that gift instead of entering a new one.

Batch gift entry is a great addition to your internal business process if you find yourself working with manual entry of gifts from events, pledges or year end fundraisers. I strongly recommend giving it a try, but as with any new process, ensure that you enable it and test it in your Salesforce sandboxes first!

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