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Major milestone: 1,000th person hired at Traction on Demand

June 15, 2021By
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The past couple of months have seen us celebrate some pretty incredible milestones. On May 1st we celebrated 15 years as a company, and just before that we welcomed the 1,000th Tractionite to Traction on Demand.

While this milestone is an accomplishment in and of itself, more importantly, it will allow us to continue fulfilling our purpose of changing worlds by making organizations of all sizes and objectives stronger, faster and better—in whatever way that looks for them.

Highlights: 15 years of Traction on Demand

I am so proud of our team and everything we have accomplished together over the years. Here are just a few of the highlights:

Going global

When I started in 2017, we were 300 people with offices in major cities across North America. Now, we are 1,000 strong with a worldwide presence. Although we are headquartered in Burnaby, British Columbia, we have established ourselves in Jaipur, India and Sydney, Australia, among other locales. Bringing it back to Canada, Winnipeg, Manitoba—you’re up next.

Not just a services company

While our business is rooted in providing exceptional Salesforce consulting and implementation services, we have incubated a number of products that are changing how organizations operate. Traction Guest, the first of the group, continues to establish its place in the visitor management ecosystem with the recent expansion of its executive leadership team.

First external financial investment

In 2019, we secured external funding from investment firms Guidepost Growth Equity and Salesforce Ventures, which were chosen for their alignment in values and vision. This funding is an integral part of our growth and ability to innovate as we continue to add product companies to our portfolio.

People first, always

At the root of it all is our people. We do what we do to make lives easier, more productive and fulfilling. This extends from our customers to Tractionites. Recently, while we looked on as the Covid crisis ravaged India, I was overwhelmed at how many Tractonites reached out asking how they could help our friends and colleagues in Jaipur. And I was even more overwhelmed by their contributions. This was a reminder that we may physically be all over the world but our hearts beat as one.

Here we grow

Growing to 1,000 people is not an accidental phenomenon. So much thought and planning have gone into why and how we want to grow. Here is a snapshot of how we make an impact with our four pillars of growth:

Grow fast

This is not just about speed; it’s about agility. And for this, we rely on our very own Traction University to onboard new hires and upskill our existing team members. We’ve always considered an individual’s values over their previous work experience in our hiring practices. We’re known to take a chance on someone who shows real curiosity and initiative, even if they don’t know a thing about Salesforce. Regardless of level of experience, we continue to invest in building the exceptional team that is Traction on Demand.

Grow well

We’ve long said that B Corp is the future of business. As we approach almost a decade as a certified B Corp, we continue to push the bounds of what we can do to put people and the environment on par with profit. Our sustainability practice is forging ahead, adding its voice to the need for businesses to take a leadership role in fighting the climate crisis. We’re doing our part by striving for carbon neutrality by the end of 2021.

Grow strong

We are stronger together. This growth pillar is about building community. Over our 15 years, we have built communities in many different shapes and forms. Our Bandit Tour for Good was once an annual road trip to do good on the way to Dreamforce. Now, it takes place around the world as we move to doing more good online. Our Small Town Initiative, adopted school in Jaipur and dedication to servicing the smallest grassroots nonprofits, are just some of the ways in which we have grown our community, which of course includes our customers, partners and you.

Grow right

We as individuals are one—but together, we contribute to something much bigger. Growing right is about keeping true to our modest beginnings and never losing sight of our values and mission, despite all the exciting things that are going on around us. Keeping true to ourselves includes our commitment to JEDI (justice, equity, diversity and inclusion) by keeping tabs on the human side of our growth and ensuring everyone has a fair and equitable opportunity to participate.

1,000 Tractionites = 10,000 trees planted

To celebrate our 1,000th Tractionite, we have partnered with tentree to plant 10 trees per team member, which will offset approximately 1,550 tons of carbon. That’s equal to the carbon footprint of about 700 airplane trips from North America to Europe. Tentree, in turn, partners with Eden Reforestation Projects, a nonprofit organization that employs local villagers to plant millions of trees thereby supporting the restoration of forests and reducing poverty in these regions.

The trees being planted on our behalf will be planted in the mangroves of Madagascar. I was intrigued to find out that mangroves can sequester up to four times more carbon than any other tree species and their root systems help with soil erosion by keeping the land in place, sort of like a net—it’s a wonderful thing to be able to know the kind of impact we’ll be making with this act!

Looking to the next thousand people

Yes, one thousand people makes us a huge group. And yet, we’ve still managed to keep a sense of a tight-knit community. Not only among ourselves but with our customers and FOTs (Friends of Traction). This will never change. Despite our growth, we are committed to taking the time, energy and effort to foster all our relationships in the ways we always have.

We may have just hit 1,000 team members, but we have no intentions of slowing down and stopping there—the growth will continue. The opportunities in front of us are like nothing I have ever seen. Just in the past year, we’ve added 360 collective years of Salesforce experience to our team. It’s truly astonishing. And together, the more worlds we change, the more we’ll change the world.

Won’t you join us?

Join us

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